10 Ton Gas-fired Steam Boilers in Indonesia

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Gas-fired steam boilers refers to the steam boiler heated by burning gas. Horizontal steam boiler for pot shell type wet back downstream all three return fireworks tube structure, indoor micro positive pressure combustion flame in the combustion, fully extended, low combustion heat load, high combustion efficiency, effectively reduces the exhaust temperature, saving energy and reducing consumption, use a more economic, the waveform furnace and threaded pipe structure, namely improve the boiler heat intensity, and meet the needs of the heat transfer surface heat expansion, scientific and reasonable, durable.

szs gas-fired steam boilers
szs gas-fired steam boilers

Gas-fired steam boilers can be divided into natural gas steam boilers, city gas steam boilers, coke oven gas steam boilers, liquefied petroleum gas steam boilers, etc. According to the structure form can be divided into vertical steam boiler and horizontal steam boiler. ZOZEN’s condensing gas-fired boilers include the WNS and SZS series, both of which have a thermal efficiency of over 98%.

SZS ultra-low nitrogen gas boiler is a boiler shell type three-return wet back gas-fired boiler with advanced technology. It is composed of boiler body, connecting flue, deaerator, deaerator, burner, soda water system, instrument, energy saver and condenser, etc. This is a condensing gas steam boiler. During the operation of the boiler, the NOx emission can be greatly reduced to less than 30mg/m3, which meets the national policy requirements. At the same time, SZS boiler is characterized by compact structure, beautiful appearance, simple operation, safe and reliable operation, and has been widely used in all walks of life.

ZOZEN Boiler has customized an 18 ton SZS condensing gas steam boiler scheme for Gemstone Paper. SZS18-1.6-Q boiler adopts double-drum D-type arrangement, with convection heating surface formed by convection tube bundles in upper and lower drum; The combustion chamber adopts full-film water-cooled wall structure, with large space furnace and low nitrogen burner, the thermal efficiency can reach up to 98% while reducing the production of nitrogen oxide. Forced circulation is adopted in the high temperature zone of the boiler body to ensure that the heating surface of each part can get reliable cooling and prevent vaporization. In addition, the boiler automatic operation features, can realize unattended, for the gem paper industry to reduce labor costs.

gas-fired condensing boiler
gas-fired condensing boiler

gas-fired steam boilers is widely used in hospitals, schools, textile mills, garment factories, large supermarket, garment factories, dyeing factory, hotel, dining room, restaurant, food factory, beverage factory, soy products, meat products factory, cannery, brewery, pharmaceutical factory, packaging plant, building materials factory, paint factory, swimming pool and other places of the enterprises and institutions.

As a leading designer, manufacturer and exporter of gas-fired steam boilers, Wuxi ZOZEN boilers Co., LTD has been designing, manufacturing and installing the most reliable and efficient industrial boilers and pressure vessels since 1988, providing one-stop industrial boiler solutions to customers worldwide. Enjoy ZOZEN team’s service, contact now by zhulin@zozen.com.


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