SZL Coal-fired Boilers Price in Afghanistan

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Coal-fired boilers has the characteristics of fast installation, material saving, man-hour saving, compact structure and small floor space. The boiler also has the advantages of high reliability, high safety, strong overload capacity and high thermal efficiency, which is the best design product of the same kind of domestic products. The large parts of the coal-fired boiler (mainly the upper body and the lower base) have been assembled in the plant. After the large parts of the boiler (mainly the upper body and the lower base) are in place, the user only needs to complete the interfaces and auxiliary machinery and pipeline system to run.

szl coal-fired steam boiler
szl coal-fired steam boiler

SZL Series Coal-fired Boilers

  1. The boiler is compact in structure and occupies a small area. The boiler needs only one layer layout, so the civil engineering investment is small.
  2. Both sides of the fire grate are equipped with air regulating baffles, which can accurately adjust the air distribution of each stage of fuel combustion, make the air distribution of the fire bed even, and facilitate the combustion of coal.
  3. According to the characteristics of biomass fuel combustion, the boiler adopts shorter furnace arch and secondary air, as well as larger furnace volume, which can promote fuel combustion fully and effectively in the furnace.
  4. The boiler is divided into two parts leaving the factory, easy to install and move, after the assembly of the boiler leaving the factory to the site, just need to combine the two parts, build the upper and lower furnace walls, install the slag machine, fan and other auxiliary machine system and smoke duct, and connect the water and electricity, can run, easy to install, short cycle.
  5. The boiler water wall tube is closely arranged, effectively reduces the temperature of the two sides of the furnace wall, so the two sides of the water wall behind the wall can be used light furnace wall, effectively reduces the transport weight, and has the characteristics of fast start and fire.

SZL Series Boilers in Printing and Dyeing Industry

Worldcom (Vietnam) Co., LTD. Is a garment manufacturer with the concept of green production, mainly producing knitted garments for Nike, Uniqlo, Adidas and other international brands. In order to meet the expanding production demand and reduce the production cost, Stone (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. purchased three SZL series high-efficiency and energy-saving chain grate coal steam boilers in ZOZEN Boiler, which not only effectively improved its own capacity and product quality, but also realized the purpose of energy conservation and emission reduction. SZL series coal-fired steam boiler of ZOZEN has a high degree of automation, which can realize the mechanized operation of fuel supply, ash and slag discharge; the reasonable control system can reduce the operation cost and improve the economic benefit of the enterprise under the premise of ensuring the safe operation of the boiler.

coal-fired boiler for sale
coal-fired boiler for sale

Coal fired steam boiler price is the user first want to know when choosing boiler, boiler of different products in addition to the manufacturing process, product quality differences, the more it is worth noting that a highly efficient and stable in the process of the coal fired steam boiler in the long run, save fuel costs much more than purchasing cost price difference of the boiler. ZOZEN has been a coal-fired boilers manufacturer for over 30 years. Our products are thermal efficient, quality assured, and provide one year after-sales service.


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