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ZOZEN thermal oil heaters adopts unique technology, high efficiency and energy saving, short oil cooking time; The tailor-made flue gas waste heat recovery system can maximize the utilization rate of heat energy, and the measured thermal efficiency is more than 5% higher than the average measured thermal efficiency of conventional boiler systems in the industry. At the same time, it has the characteristics of fully automatic and safe operation, which can realize intelligent control. Advanced oil temperature and oil pressure control system can precisely control oil temperature and oil pressure, ensuring safety without worry.

2800MW thermal oil heater
2800MW thermal oil heaters

For the purchase of industrial boiler products, users are very concerned about the price. For industrial companies that need a lot of heat energy, thermal oil furnace is the most cost-effective industrial boiler products. The price of heat-conducting oil boiler depends on many factors, so the effective way to understand the purchase price is to find a regular boiler manufacturer, put forward a demand and ask for a quotation. However, it is wrong for some customers to blindly weigh whether to buy heat-conducting oil boiler with low price. Besides the price, more considerations should be given to boiler efficiency, manufacturers’ manufacturing capacity, after-sales service quality and other factors.

YLW series horizontal thermal oil heaters can obtain higher working temperature under lower operating pressure, and has the technical characteristics of low pressure and high temperature, which can realize stable heating and accurate temperature regulation to meet different requirements. Thermal efficiency is maintained at optimum levels at all levels of load.
There are complete operation control and safety monitoring device for the horizontal biomass heat conduction oil furnace, which is easy to operate, safe and reliable. Closed cycle, liquid phase transport heat energy, heat loss is small; energy saving effect is significant, low operating cost. This series of boilers are quick installed or assembled out of the factory, easy to transport, short installation cycle, quick effect in production.

YLW horizontal coal-fired thermal oil furnace is mainly used in: chemical light industry, petrochemical industry, oil decomposition, plastic, rubber, leather industry, textile printing and dyeing, chemical fiber, coating paint, wood processing, cement, building materials processing, the carbon industry, highway traffic, asphalt heating, pharmaceutical industry, nuclear industry, metal processing, food industry, feed processing and other industries.

4000KW YLW thermal oil boiler
4000KW YLW thermal oil boiler

Thermal Oil Heater Features

  1. Thermal stability of electric heating oil furnace: thermal oil furnace can output heat oil at 320℃ for thermal users under atmospheric liquid phase.
  2. Less investment in thermal oil furnace equipment for electric heating: less investment in the whole system due to the simple thermal oil heating system, anhydrous treatment equipment and more auxiliary equipment, low pressure on the boiler, etc.
  3. Reliable operation of electric heating thermal oil furnace: it has complete operation control and safety detection device, which can precisely control the operation. The explosion-proof grade can reach Grade C, so it is safer.
  4. Characterized by low pressure, high temperature, high efficiency and energy saving.


Wuxi ZOZEN Boiler Co., LTD., a wholly owned private enterprise, has been committed to the manufacturing and research and development of industrial boilers since its establishment in 1988. At present, the company has been holding A-class boiler manufacturing license, BR Ⅱ class pressure vessel manufacturing license, American ASME standard “S” (power boiler), “U” (pressure vessel) licensing steel and so on many international certification, our products include more than 400 various of gas boiler, biomass boiler, coal boiler, thermal oil boiler, etc.


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