Efficiency Biomass-fired Boiler for Sale

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Biomass-fired boiler is based on biomass as raw material, through the combustion of biomass particles produced by the transfer of heat to the thermal equipment with the industrial equipment. Biomass boilers have a wide range of raw materials, such as rice hulls, straw, palm hulls, sawdust, and firewood and so on. The raw materials are compressed into columnar granular fuel by high temperature, high pressure and special molding mechanism, and then put into the specially manufactured boiler, which can generate sufficient heat. The slag generated can still be used as potash fertilizer to supplement crops.

biomass-fired boilers
biomass-fired boilers

High Efficiency Biomass-fired Boiler Features

  1. Energy conservation and environmental protection: the biomass fuel boiler adopts the green renewable biomass pellet fuel promoted by the country, with zero CO2 emission and soot emission concentration less than 50mg/m3, and all indicators meet the national environmental protection standards of the first class region.
  2. Low operating cost: The fuel biomass pellet used by the boiler itself is a renewable resource, characterized by low cost and wide sources.
  3. High degree of automation: digital integrated controller can set relevant parameters according to user needs to automatically control combustion conditions, automatic ignition, automatic feeding, and automatic ash cleaning, easy to operate.
  4. Safety: Adopt high standard and high quality auxiliary machines, accessories and automatic control equipment to ensure safe and stable operation of the boiler.
  5. Novel appearance: the boiler design is beautiful and generous.


1 ton DZL series package chain grate biomass steam boiler, it can produce 1 ton steam per hour, the biomass pellet fuel moisture is less than or equal to 15%, the density in 800-1000, it is the fuel by the automatic feeding machine evenly to the grate, which make the fuel on the fire grate push to the burning in the hearth, output after combustion heat energy conversion, the working process of the heat water for steam production.

10 ton szl biomass boiler
10 ton szl biomass boiler

SZL series biomass boiler adopts double boiler barrel vertical arrangement, combustion mode is chain grate. The boiler is composed of the upper body heating surface and the lower combustion equipment. When the fuel is burned in the combustion equipment, the flue gas generated will enter the tail flue through the furnace, burnout chamber, convective tube bundle, etc., and then be discharged into the atmosphere through dust collector, induced draft fan, chimney, etc.

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