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Oil-fired and gas-fired 3 ton boiler has high thermal efficiency, large output, strong load adaptability, high degree of automation, convenient operation, safe and reliable operation, and is an ideal high efficiency, low consumption, low pollution green environmental protection product. ZOZEN’s oil-fired and gas-fired boilers include steam furnace and hot water furnace, which have generous appearance, compact structure, less space occupation, convenient transportation and less capital construction investment. They not only follow the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, but also meet the heat energy required by the project. In production and use, this kind of boiler really achieved clean combustion, no pollution emission, convenient operation, sufficient output.


3 ton szs steam boiler
3 ton szs steam boiler


Oil-fired and gas-fired boilers can be divided into fire-tube boilers and water-tube boilers according to the boiler body structure. The fire tube boiler has simple structure, large water and steam capacity, good adaptability to load changes, lower requirements on water quality than the water tube boiler, and is mainly used for small enterprises production technology and life heating. The water tube boiler has convenient heating surface arrangement and good heat transfer performance. It can be used in large capacity and high parameter projects structurally, but it has higher requirements on water quality and operation level. Water tube boiler is developed on the basis of water tube and fire tube boiler, with both of the points, the water quality requirements and water tube boiler similar. Fire tube boiler because of small capacity, compact structure, is generally fast boiler, easy to transport and field installation.


Usages of 3 Tons Oil and Gas Boiler

The 3-ton oil-fired and gas-fired boiler refers to the boiler with rated evaporation capacity of 3 tons per hour. The fuel used is oil and gas, that is, light oil, heavy oil, methane gas, liquefied petroleum gas and gas, etc. ZOZEN gas boiler is widely used in hospitals, schools, textile mills, garment factories, large supermarket, garment factories, dyeing factory, hotel, dining room, restaurant, food factory, beverage factory, soy products, meat products factory, cannery, brewery, pharmaceutical factory, packaging plant, building materials factory, paint factory, swimming pool and other places of the enterprises and institutions.


oil fired gas fired hot water boiler
oil fired gas fired hot water boiler

3 Ton Boiler Advantage

  1. 3 ton oil-fired and gas-fired boiler adopts the international classical structure form, the combustion chamber adopts the corrugated furnace tank, the low position arrangement, effectively increases the heat transfer area, enhances the high temperature flue gas turbulent heat transfer. At the same time alleviate the heat expansion and cold contraction may cause short equipment life.
  2. The boiler is equipped with internationally advanced imported burners with high combustion efficiency, and the smoke emission meets the national environmental protection requirements. The products can meet your needs no matter in various industries, mines, hotels, hospitals, enterprises or ships.
  3. boiler control is fully automatic operation, computer program control combustion automatic regulation, steam boiler with water level automatic ignition and extinction, high and low water level steam automatic protection and other functions, hot water boiler with overtemperature, overpressure, ultra-low pressure alarm protection and other functions, to ensure the safe operation of boiler combustion.
  4. The three-return structure of the smoke pipe is arranged symmetrically to ensure the optimal heat exchange area and heat transfer efficiency. The layout of the whole wet back ensures the safe operation of the boiler equipment and reduces the loss brought by the maintenance.


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