The Meaning of 4 tph Boiler Capacity

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Boiler capacity, also known as boiler output, refers to the number or capacity of 4 tph boiler to produce steam per hour, the unit is tons hourly (T /h). Capacity is the basic characteristic parameter of boiler. A hot water boiler is expressed in megawatts (MW) of heat per hour of the boiler. Steam parameters refer to the working pressure and temperature of the boiler.

4 ton wns steam boiler
4 ton wns steam boiler

Evaporation is the amount of steam produced per hour in continuous operation of the boiler. The amount of boiler evaporation depends on the number of heating surfaces and the combustion of the boiler. The boiler is in operation, combustion situation is in constant change, evaporation quantity also is in constant change. However, each boiler grate area or furnace volume, in the design of manufacturing has been set; its combustion heat release will have a design maximum. This is the amount of evaporation required to meet the fuel requirements of the boiler design and the thermal efficiency of the boiler. If the boiler in the actual operation, its heating load is too small, or more than the design output operation, the boiler will reduce the thermal efficiency. Such as increasing the heat intensity of the grate, strengthen the combustion, will burn out the grate, fluidized bed boiler arbitrarily increase the combustion temperature, will cause high temperature coking.

4 ton industrial steam boilers
4 ton industrial steam boilers

4 tph boiler of the meaning of “t” in the concept, the calorific value of steam boiler size property description, people used to use how much per hour to express the “t” steam boiler calorific value per unit time, is also called the capacity of the boiler, boiler thermal power, and the size of the boiler output, and so on, its expression is tons of steam contains quantity of heat, work on behalf of the boiler heating or heat output per unit time value, its value is 60 x104 kilocalorie, 0.7 mw. 4 ton steam boiler has thermal power of 4×0.7 MW or 4x60x104 kcal/hour.


Hot water boiler is the same as the concept of heat and steam boiler, not others say four tons of hot water boiler is to produce 4 tons per hour hot water, 10 tons of produce 10 tons per hour hot water boiler, hot water boiler is a heat transfer (heat) exchange of transportation equipment, working through its system to a material energy transfer to other substances, or release, so as to complete the energy exchange or transfer conveyor, meet the needs of the people are constantly development work and life.


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