4 Tons of Boiler Rice Husk Biomass in India

September 3, 2020

In the current situation of energy shortage and serious environmental pollution in the world, biomass, as a renewable energy source, has low sulfur content, low nitrogen content and low NOx and SO2 content after combustion. The ash content in biomass is generally very small, so the soot content is very low after full combustion. According to the different export medium, biomass boiler is divided into biomass steam boiler and biomass hot water boiler, respectively for the enterprise to provide steam for steam raising, drying, providing hot water for heating and bathing. 4 ton biomass boilers is the most common boiler tonnage, ZOZEN production of 4 ton biomass boiler models are complete, whether from the boiler industry or from the boiler structure are all available.

4 tons of boiler rice husk biomass in india
4 tons of boiler rice husk biomass in india

4 Tons Biomass Steam Boiler Features

  1. Low energy saving cost: Biomass pellet is processed from straw, rice husk, sawdust and other raw materials, and its price is relatively low. Moreover, it belongs to energy saving and renewable energy, so the operating cost of boiler is relatively low.
  2. High thermal efficiency: 4 tons of biomass steam boiler with a large furnace design, its heating area is large, fuel can be fully burned in the furnace, further improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler, its thermal efficiency can be more than 82%.
  3. Small pollution: the chamber of the eight wall and export smoke window can play a role in reducing smoke, it belongs to energy saving and environmental protection boiler products.


Analysis of Rice Husk Combustion Characteristics

  1. The composition of rice husk ash is mainly silicon dioxide, and its ash melting point temperature is relatively high, which can reach more than 1200. Under normal combustion temperature (the temperature in the furnace is maintained at 500-700), the burning of rice husk will not produce coking problem.
  2. Displacement combustion of rice husk can achieve stable combustion temperature in the furnace, which is very favorable for rapid combustion of rice husk volatiles in the furnace and combustion of fixed carbon. The carbon content of the fly ash after rice husk combustion is less than 7%. Combustion efficiency can be over 98%.
  3. The unique advantages of rice husk combustion mode are that biomass energy has a wide adaptability as fuel. Therefore, the horizontal chain coal-fired boiler can burn rice husk or coal separately, and the two can also achieve mixed burning in different proportions.
  4. The flue gas emission after rice husk combustion meets the national environmental protection standards. The ash residue after rice husk combustion can be used comprehensively.
4 ton SZL biomass boiler
4 ton SZL biomass boiler

Points for Attention in the Operation of Biomass Fuel Boiler

  1. Adjust the fuel supply of the screw feeder according to the actual fuel consumption during boiler operation.
  2. Before the fuel in the furnace burns out, the drum and induced draft fan shall not stop running.
  3. In the operation of a sudden power failure, must promptly clear the fuel in the furnace.
  4. No more biomass fuel should be added before the furnace is shut down.
  5. When the furnace is stopped, there is no need to seal the fire. After the fuel on the grate is burned out, the drum and induced draft fan can stop running.
  6. Due to the high content of silicon, chlorine, potassium, sodium and other alkali metals in the ash residue of biomass fuel, the ash melting point is low, and it is easy to slag, coking or deposit on the heating surface in the furnace chamber, so it is necessary to regularly clean the ash and ash residue in the furnace chamber, smoke chamber and smoke pipe.


When purchasing biomass steam boiler, you need to know the hourly steam quantity and steam pressure required by your own enterprise, and inform our professional sales personnel of the requirements in detail, so that we can customize the proprietary boiler solution for you.


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