Coal Boilers in South Africa

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Coal fired boiler is a boiler product that uses coal as fuel. It is thermal power equipment that releases heat in the furnace after burning coal and heats water to a certain temperature or pressure. Coal-fired industrial boilers used to be the most core energy power equipment during the industrial revolution. With the development of the industrial revolution, the early technology has been constantly improved. In the past 100 years, a variety of furnace types have been gradually formed, which are mainly chain grate boilers. Coal-fired industrial boilers are widely used in China and still play a very important role. Due to the restrictions of natural gas resources, price and gas supply area, it is impossible for gas-fired industrial boilers to completely replace coal boilers, which will play an important role in China for a long time to come.

Coal Boilers in South Africa
Coal Boilers in South Africa

Two Main Types of Coal-fired Boilers

  1. CFB boiler: wide fuel adaptability, thermal efficiency can reach more than 89%, low nitrogen environmental protection.
  2. Chain grate boiler: the thermal efficiency is more than 82%, the boiler equipment investment is low, easy to operate, and the load adjustment range is wide.


There are three series of coal-fired boilers, DZL series (single boiler longitudinal-type chain grate boiler), SZL series (double boiler longitudinal-type chain grate boiler) and DHL series (single boiler longitudinal-type movable grate boiler).

DZL Series Coal Fired Boiler

DZL series coal fired steam (hot water) boiler is a single boiler tube vertical chain grate boiler, the thermal efficiency is higher than the industry data, the measured energy efficiency is up to 86.2%, fast installation, assembly, semi-assembly factory, transportation, installation cycle and cost are reduced by more than 30%.

DHL Series Coal Fired Boilers

DHL series coal – fired steam (hot water) boiler is a horizontal three – trip water – fire tube furnace row boiler, burning medium bituminous coal. The boiler body is arranged in the longitudinal direction of a single boiler barrel, the threaded firework pipe in the boiler barrel is arranged to form the convection heating surface, the boiler barrel and the water cooling wall on both sides constitute the furnace radiation heating surface, and the combustion equipment adopts the movable grate. The whole fast installation form leaves the factory.

SZL Series Coal-fired Boilers

SZL series coal fired steam (hot water) boiler is a chain grate boiler composed of two boiler tubes. High level of automation, safe and stable operation, smoke emission in line with environmental standards. According to the field measurement, the actual evaporation capacity is higher than the rated evaporation capacity, and can operate in overload condition.


The coal fired boiler of ZOZEN boiler has the technical advantages of full output, low emission, good energy saving, high degree of automation, and realizes the mechanization of fuel supply, ash and slag. Our customized coal-fired boiler systems are more than 5% more thermal efficient than conventional boiler systems in the industry. Circulating fluidized bed can be applied to coal, gangue, garbage, sludge and other fuels, chain furnace can be applied to bituminous coal, lean coal, anthracite, etc., widely used in all walks of life. The above three series boilers are conventional models, not all boiler types. If you are interested in our products please consult our 7*24 online customer service.


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