3 tph Coal Boiler Cost

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At present, although many cities are eliminating large-scale coal-fired boilers in large quantities, for many remote areas, coal-fired boilers still have a lot of application space. Steam plays an important role in the production of enterprises, and the choice of steam boilers really embarrasses users. If the enterprise uses a coal-fired boiler, although the coal-fired price is low, its flue gas must undergo strict desulfurization and dust removal to meet the environmental protection emission standards, which requires a large amount of desulfurization and dust removal costs.


coal fired steam boiler


Technical parameters of 3 tons coal-fired steam boiler:

Capacity: 3 steam tons

Thermal efficiency: 85-92%

Rated steam pressure: 1.25–5.29 Mpa

Rated steam temperature: 194–485 ℃

Water supply temperature: 105 ℃

Applicable fuel: coal

Scope of application: large-scale central heating, thermal power plant power generation


Coal consumption of 3 tons of coal-fired steam boiler:

First of all, look at the type of coal that is burned. Different types of coal have different combustion efficiencies and naturally different coal consumption. Therefore, they cannot be calculated according to standard coal, and there will be a large error. The calorific value of inferior coal is between 18000KJ / kg — 23000KJ / kg.

The coal consumption of a 3 ton coal-fired steam boiler can be obtained by a calculation formula, the formula is as follows: boiler coal consumption = boiler power * 3600 / coal combustion heat / boiler efficiency.

According to the calorific value of burning inferior coal of 4000 and the boiler efficiency of 85%, the coal consumption of the 3-ton coal-fired steam boiler is 1.25 * 3600/4000 / 0.85 = 1.323 tons.


3 ton steam boiler


Operating cost of 3 tons of coal-fired steam boiler:

  1. Fuel cost: 0.2 tons of coal consumed per ton of steam, the unit price of coal is 400 yuan / ton, and the total cost is 80 yuan; the annual fuel cost of a 3-ton coal-fired steam boiler is: 80 * 3 * 8 * 360 = 69.12 Ten thousand yuan.
  2. Electricity cost: The consumption is 9.6Kwh, the price of electricity is 0.58 yuan / kwh, the total cost is 42 yuan, and the annual power consumption cost of coal-fired steam boiler is 42 * 8 * 360 = 12,000 yuan.
  3. Ash slag treatment cost: 30,000 yuan / year;
  4. Environmental protection fee: 100,000 / year;
  5. Labor cost: 6 people are needed, 20,000 yuan / person.

Total: The annual operating cost of a 75-ton coal-fired steam boiler is: 691,200 + 12,000 + 30,000 + 100,000 + 120,000 = 952,300.


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