100 gas diesel steam boiler clothes washer and dryer

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The oil-fired steam boiler in the clothing industry has the characteristics of high thermal efficiency, safe operation and low atmospheric pollution, and is equipped with automatic protection systems such as flameout protection and water level protection, and imported burners for easy operation and maintenance.


2 ton gas fired steam boiler


Application fields of vertical oil-fired steam boilers in the apparel industry:

1. Apparel ironing, dry cleaning machine, dryer, washing machine, dehydration machine, ironing machine, iron and other equipment are used together.

2. Provide supporting use of drinking water, cooking food, producing rice noodles, cooking soybean milk, tofu machine, steamed rice box, sterilization tank, packaging machine, labeling machine, coating equipment, sealing machine, tableware cleaning and other equipment.

3. Room heating, central heating, floor heating, district central heating, auxiliary air conditioning (heat pump) heating, solar energy to provide hot water, (hotel, dormitory, school, mixing station) hot water supply, (bridge, railway) concrete maintenance , (Leisure beauty club) sauna bath, wooden floor processing, etc.

4. Automobile, train and other vehicles cleaning, shoe sole rubber molding, coating industry, etc.


oil fired steam boilers in apparel industry


For the garment factory, the boilers used are mainly small steam boilers, such as: 1 ton steam boiler, 2 ton steam boiler, 4 ton steam boiler, etc., among which gas steam boilers are the main ones.

The steam boiler plays an important role in the garment manufacturing industry. It can be said that it is a general in the garment production equipment and is responsible for the operation of drying and other links. According to research, the textile and apparel industry is the field with the largest application of boilers.


Among the many garment factory customers of ZOZEN boiler, WNS type fuel gas boiler and SZS type fuel gas boiler are the most popular. Because these two boiler devices belong to the quick-install structure, the whole factory leaves the factory, and the installation cycle is very short. Under normal circumstances, the installation can be completed in less than a week, basically reaching the standard of buying at any time. SZS fuel oil gas boiler is not large in volume, but its output is very stable. The steam produced is not only large, but also of very good quality. This shows that the choice between them is not without reason.


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