Price of 85 Ton Diesel Steam Boiler

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85 ton diesel-fired boilers have advanced design performance, excellent quality, reasonable price, fast delivery and long service life. The main body of the boiler belongs to the overall structure, the burner is assembled on the front smoke box cover, and the main body is mainly arranged with the heating surface and the combustion chamber part. It has a reasonable and compact structure, low steel consumption, and an offset corrugated furnace liner is used for the furnace liner. The new type of lightweight heat insulation material, the outer packaging uses colored thin plates, and the outer packaging is a rectangular parallelepiped, which makes the boiler performance, weight, structural size, appearance and shape more obvious and advanced than the domestic products of the same capacity. It is arranged on the boiler base on the right side of the boiler so that it is integrated with the host without additional foundation.


WNS type fuel (gas) industrial steam boiler

Rated evaporation capacity: 1 – 20 t/h

Working pressure:  0.7 – 2 Mpa

Applicable fuel: Nature gas, coke oven gas, biogas, methanol, liquid propane gas, diesel, heavy oil, light diesel, crude oil, etc.


85 ton diesel boiler


Diesel-fired boilers have a small floor area, consume less metal, and have a high utilization rate of the heating surface. The time required to reach the working pressure from ignition is short, and steam generation is fast. The water capacity is small and the water level fluctuates. However, there are no alarms and interlocking protection devices for tube wall temperature over temperature caused by lack of water and excessive scale. In addition, the exhaust temperature of this boiler is relatively high, and the exhaust heat loss is large.


85 ton steam boiler


Diesel-fired boiler configuration:

1. The boiler is equipped with various safety equipment and high-quality accessories, the warranty management is simple, and every effort is made to improve the safety of the product;

2. Flue gas temperature monitoring system, when the flue gas temperature exceeds the set value, the alarm will remind the user and stop the combustion automatically. The loop-through series of boilers are delivered from the factory as a whole, and a series of testing and debugging are performed before the boilers leave the factory to ensure the quality of the boilers before delivery.

3.Continuous water supply system-The automatic continuous water supply system can change the water supply amount through the water supply regulating valve according to the change of the water level to make the system work smoothly. According to the actual situation and needs of users, it can provide two or three yuan water level control continuous water supply system.


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