2 Ton Diesel Boiler Temperature

February 26, 2020

A 2 ton gas steam boiler has a rated evaporation capacity of 2 tons, can provide 1.2 million kcal of energy, can generate 20 tons of hot water at about 60 degrees per unit of time, can supply 16,000 square meters of workshop or room heating, and can supply 240 People who take a bath at the same time are a boiler that is widely used in industrial production.


2 ton steam boiler


Many customers do not know how their basic parameters are expressed in the process of purchasing gas-fired steam boilers, and what each alphanumeric means. Let’s take a look at the parameters of the 2-ton gas steam boiler:

1. Steam temperature: The degree of hot and cold of an object is called “temperature”. Temperature is an embodiment of the energy inside an object. The higher temperature, the greater energy. The steam temperature indicated on the metal nameplate of the boiler is marked in Celsius. For small boilers, most of the steam used is directly drawn from the main steam valve on the top of the drum. The steam temperature refers to the saturated steam temperature at the working pressure of the boiler.


2. Pressure: The force acting on the surface of the object vertically and uniformly is called pressure. The unit is “Newton (N)”, which was expressed in kilogram force (kgf) in the past. 1 kgf = 9.81 N. The pressure acting on a unit area of an object vertically and uniformly is called pressure, and the unit is mega pascal (MPa). Conventionally, pressure is often called pressure, so the pressure mentioned in this book should actually be pressure.

The design working pressure of the boiler is based on the strength of the metal material used, the geometry of the pressure element and the characteristics of the force, and according to the relevant strength calculation standards promulgated by the country, each pressure element is calculated separately, and then one of them is selected. The minimum pressure that can be withstood is the maximum allowable working pressure of this boiler. The design working pressure of the boiler can also be called “rated outlet steam pressure”.


szs gas steam boiler


3. Evaporation: The boiler runs continuously for a long time under the premise of ensuring safety. The amount of steam generated per hour is called the evaporation of this boiler. The amount of evaporation is also called “output” or “capacity”, and the commonly used unit is “ton / hour” (t / h). Rated evaporation refers to the type of fuel used by the boiler and operating under the design parameters, that is, the amount of steam produced per hour under long-term continuous operation under the specified steam quality (pressure, temperature) and certain thermal efficiency. When the new boiler leaves the factory, the amount of evaporation indicated on the nameplate refers to the rated evaporation of the boiler.


Nowadays, the environmental protection and energy saving of the boiler market is an inevitable trend for future development. Therefore, everyone should try to choose energy saving and environmental protection when purchasing steam boiler products.


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