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The price and cost of diesel are related to the amount of fuel consumed and the combustion efficiency of oil-fired boilers, the operating power of oil-fired boilers, the heating value of diesel fuel and the cost of oil sources.


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1. Type of fuel oil boiler

According to different media, oil-fired boilers can be divided into three types: oil-fired steam boilers, oil-fired hot water boilers and oil-fired heat-conducting oil boilers. Hot water boilers are mostly used in heating and ventilation systems, while steam boilers and heat-conducting oil boilers are mostly used in various industrial productions as heat sources and used in various production processes.

2. Fuel boiler price

The price of oil-fired boilers ranges from tens of thousands, up to 100,000 or even hundreds of thousands. According to different fuels, media, tonnages and configurations, fuel-oil boiler manufacturers report different boiler prices. Different types of oil-fired boilers have different prices. In terms of categories, fuel oil boilers can be divided into light oil boilers and heavy oil boilers according to different fuel oils. Light oil refers to diesel or kerosene; heavy oil refers to the remaining heavy oil after crude oil is extracted from gasoline and diesel.


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ZOZEN oil-fired steam boiler

1. Whether the oil-fired boiler burns light oil, heavy oil, diesel or methanol, which has an important impact on its cost. Of course, when the price of fuel oil to a large extent also affects the fuel source cost of oil-fired steam boilers.

2. The fuel consumption of diesel steam boilers is also related to the heating value of diesel. For example, the low-level heating value of diesel is generally 42652kj / kg, and then it is calculated according to the formula. For details, ask the boiler engineer.

In addition, the fuel consumption of a diesel-fired steam boiler is also related to the operating efficiency of the boiler. After all, if the efficiency of a 20-ton fuel boiler is low, it is almost difficult to reduce the fuel consumption. Select a quality oil-fired steam boiler at the source.


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