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Biomass boiler is one of the most popular boiler products now. It refers to products that use biomass as fuel, such as plant materials and animal waste, and other organic substances. They are formed in a certain shape after being processed by special processing equipment.


biomass fuel


1) Feeding system

The feeding system is composed of a silo, a vibrating feeder, a screw feeder, a screw feeding pipe and other components. BMF processed in the factory. The fuel is transferred to the silo through a belt conveyor, and then the BMF fuel in the silo is supplied to the burner for combustion by the screw feeder. In order to ensure the stability of continuous feeding and material conveying, a vibration feeder is connected between the silo and the screw feeder.


2) Combustion system

Combustion system consists of burner, fan, igniter and other components. Biomass fuel first has a preheating process in the burner, and then the fuel is sent to the furnace for combustion by a fan. BMF fuel contains very high volatiles. When the temperature in the furnace reaches its volatile content precipitation temperature, the igniter fuel can be quickly ignited and burned under the condition of air supply. Burner temperature control is based on the internal temperature of the furnace, and its temperature is related to the amount of air supplied when the fuel is gasified. The adjustment of the boiler load is controlled by adjusting the feed amount. The combusted flue gas enters the convection flue through the furnace chamber for heat exchange, then enters the dust collector for purification treatment, and is finally discharged to complete the entire combustion and heat transfer process.


3) Soot blowing system

The boiler is equipped with a full-automatic ash blowing device, which can regularly blow the furnace and the smoke pipe to ensure that no dust accumulates on the surface of the smoke pipe, thereby achieving safe and efficient operation of the boiler.


4) Smoke and wind system

Air supply system: The boiler air supply system is integrated with the burner, and the air is sent to the furnace through the burner through the blower to achieve the function of conveying fuel and supporting combustion.

Induced draft and dust removal system: Under the action of induced draft fan, the high temperature flue gas generated after combustion is completed, enters the dust collector for purification by convective heat exchange in the smoke pipe, and is finally discharged from the chimney through the induced draft fan.


5) Automatic control system

The control system adopts high-brightness and full Chinese display, and takes the famous brand PLC control system as the central control unit; it exchanges information with the boiler user by means of man-machine dialogue to realize the fully automatic operation of the BMF boiler.


biomass steam boiler


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