What Is Vertical Diesel Oil Fired Steam Boiler

February 28, 2020

Diesel steam boiler is a kind of boiler equipment that uses diesel as fuel to generate steam through fuel combustion, which belongs to a type of fuel gas steam boiler that we often say. The boiler is equipped with an international advanced burner and adopts a three-return structure. The fuel is fully burned in the combustion chamber, and the exhaust emissions are small. It conforms to national policy requirements. Therefore, it belongs to environmentally friendly boilers and can be used in most regions of the country.


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Diesel boilers are widely used in manufacturing (chemical industry, petroleum processing, coking, papermaking, agricultural and sideline food processing, etc.), mining industry, electric power heating industry, construction industry and other industries.

Generally applicable to hospitals, schools, textile factories, clothing factories, large supermarkets, garment factories, printing and dyeing factories, hotels, canteens, restaurants, food factories, beverage factories, soy products factories, meat products factories, canneries, wineries, Pharmaceutical factory, packaging factory, building material factory, paint factory, swimming pool and other enterprises and institutions.


2020 diesel boiler for industry


Principles for safe use of steam environmental protection boilers:

  1. The specific operation of steam environmental protection boiler should be carried out according to the product manual to ensure the safety of operators and equipment.
  2. Check the power supply, voltage, and water source for abnormal conditions before starting.
  3. The electrical control box, pump motor and other parts should be protected from moisture and water to prevent burnout. The boiler should be kept clean.
  4. According to the water quality requirements of boilers, be sure to install water softeners when using steam boilers, because not using water softeners will cause boiler fouling, and in severe cases will cause tube explosion and shorten the boiler life.
  5. The safety valve should be regularly checked for flexibility, and the pull rod of the safety valve should be quickly pulled less once a month to check the flexibility of its take-off and seating. The safety valve should be checked regularly by the local technical supervision bureau every year.
  6. When servicing the boiler or replacing accessories, please cut off the power to avoid danger caused by live work.


China’s boiler manufacturing industry has made great progress. At present, it can produce a variety of boilers with different pressure levels and capacities, and it has become a country with more boiler production and use in the world today. At the same time, the rapid development of boiler-related industries such as light industrial textiles, energy chemicals, steel and coal has brought broad development space and momentum to the boiler industry.


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