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In large and medium-sized cities in China, it is imperative to improve the utilization rate of power and gradually convert coal to gas and other cleaning fuels. Internationally, natural gas has become the third largest product power after coal and oil. Beijing’s major plans to adjust its power structure and carry out coal-to-gas projects in recent years are precisely the manifestation of this general trend.


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Small area gas boiler gathering heating is a type of decentralized gas heating, which is divided into modular heating and decentralized gathering heating. One building unit, one building using one gas boiler room heating is called modular heating (also called unit gas heating). The construction of multiple adjacent buildings with the same operating characteristics and the use of a gas-fired boiler room for heating are referred to as decentralized gathering heating, which is characterized by a direct supply of the heating network.


Its strengths are: ① Flexible construction, gathering and management of gas boilers, and convenient repair. ②The heating area of each system is small, which is convenient for conditioning and manipulation. For constructions of the same nature, especially shared buildings such as schools and office buildings, the use of this heating method can regulate and control the heating temperature and heating time according to the operating characteristics of the construction, especially in areas that do not require antifreeze or short antifreeze time. It is very useful to control the heating time at work and rest. During holidays or unmanned nights, the heating temperature can be lowered or the heating can be stopped, saving gas and operating costs. Small area gathering heating external network planning is small, there is no central heat exchange station, heat loss or power consumption is small, easy to overcome hydraulic imbalance, can save power, induction heating power is usually 80% -90%. This heating method is attributed to decentralize heating it is a widely distributed heating method in Europe and America, and the flue gas can be collected and emitted.


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The shortcomings are: Occupy a separate boiler room, the boiler and boiler room heat loss cannot be used. For residential buildings, household measurement cannot be achieved directly, and there is no conditioning equipment at the end. When the room is overheated, the user opens the window to dissipate heat instead of turning off the small heating. Some heat is lost, usually 8% -15%, but lower than the district gas boiler heating , Heating power is lower than single-family heating, higher than district boiler room heating. This heating method has a large number of boilers and scattered management, and the total amount of NOX emissions is higher than that of domestic gas boiler heating.


This heating method is very suitable for public construction and commercial construction of heating and gathering residential areas. During the operation, the heating temperature and heating time are controlled according to the construction application, saving gas, reducing pollution emissions, and reducing operating costs. In gas-fired boilers, the small area of cast iron combined modular boilers has a strong advantage in gathering heat. The module low-pressure gas boiler gathers heat, has the advantages of protecting the environment, continuing useful heating, safe and reliable operation, and economical application.


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