4 Ton Gas Oil Steam Boiler for Sale

May 3, 2023

Gas oil steam boiler is a kind of energy conversion equipment, which provides a stable source of heat energy for various industrial productions. It is a device that uses the heat energy released by fuel combustion or other heat energy to heat working water or other fluids to a constant parameter. Due to the worldwide attention to environmental protection, according to the current domestic and foreign environmental protection policies, oil-fired and gas-fired boilers have gradually replaced coal-fired boilers due to the cleanness of the fuel.

automatic industrial gas boiler
automatic industrial gas boiler

In the process of purchasing a boiler, gas consumption is also a point that many users pay attention to. The gas consumption of a boiler is directly related to the operating cost of the boiler.
Take a 4 ton oil-fired and gas-fired boiler as an example, gas consumption per hour of the gas-fired boiler = effective heat absorption of the boiler ÷ (calorific value of natural gas × thermal efficiency of the boiler). The heat of a one-ton boiler is 600000 CAL, the calorific value of natural gas is 8600Kcal, and the thermal efficiency of a gas-fired boiler is 95%, so the one-hour gas consumption of a 4-ton gas-fired boiler = effective heat absorption ÷(calorific value of natural gas × boiler thermal efficiency)= 2.4 million Kcal÷(8600Kcal×0.95) =294m3

WNS series gas-fired boiler adopts the three technologies of large furnace, corrugated furnace and strengthened heat exchange to improve the radiant heating area of the boiler with the thermal efficiency up to 98%!

  1. Design technology of large furnace: in the original traditional design, increase the diameter of the furnace, increase the radiation heat exchange area of the furnace, so that the boiler heat exchange mainly by radiation heat exchange, not only reduce the heat exchange burden of the second and third return journey, at the same time, let the fuel be fully burned, reduce the production of harmful gases.
  2. Corrugated furnace tube technology: it not only increases the overall strength of the furnace tube, but also automatically compensates the thermal stretching stress of the furnace tube, avoiding the defects such as weld cracking caused by the change of thermal stress of the tube plate. Therefore, it has a strong adaptability to different fuels.
  3. Enhanced heat exchange technology: “Harbin Institute of Technology” heat transfer and flow resistance technology, using efficient heat transfer screw pipe and optimized smoke velocity design, so that the boiler output thermal efficiency does not decrease with the extension of running time, thus achieving a compact structure and 10% overload capacity.
industrial fire tube boiler for sale
industrial fire tube boiler for sale

During the pelleting process of feed, the steam generated by the boiler ensures that the temperature and moisture of the material meet the standard requirements. Therefore, WNS series 3 pass gas-fired steam boilers provide a reliable guarantee for the smooth operation of feed production line. After the fuel of ZOZEN WNS series gas-fired boiler is atomized by the burner, the flame formed is filled in the full corrugated furnace bile, and the radiant heat is transmitted through the furnace bile wall, which is the first return journey. The high temperature smoke generated by the combustion converges in the back burner and turns into the threaded pipe, which is the second return journey. Finally, the flue gas turns from the front of the flue box into the light tube bundle area in the third turn. The fuel combustion in the whole process is sufficient, and the boiler thermal efficiency can be up to 98%, which is ensured by the energy saving device and condenser at the end of the flue.

In terms of manufacturing, ZOZEN boiler adopts advanced automation equipment and strict quality management system to ensure that every ZOZEN boiler is a high-quality product. ZOZEN is a professional manufacturer of gas steam boiler. The boiler is easy to operate, with multiple interlock protection, safe and reliable. If you need more information, please contact us.


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