High Efficiency Gas Boiler in Kazakhstan

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High efficiency gas boiler has a lot of applications in various industries, such as paper industry, printing and dyeing industry, feed industry, and food industry and so on. Now the new boiler products are for more environmental protection, the diversification of resources and the maximum use of energy conservation and environmental protection as the main goal. The industrial Boiler products produced by ZOZEN Boiler are at the forefront of the industry in the design and manufacture of low-nitrogen boilers, and the WNS series of low-nitrogen condensate gas boilers are most trusted by customers.

wns condensing gas-fired boiler
wns condensing gas-fired boiler

Let the boiler to achieve high efficiency and energy saving can be on the basis of the boiler plus waste heat boiler, waste heat recovery and utilization is now a boiler engineering project, this is the rational use of resources, especially some high-heat industrial production, if the use of waste heat properly, can make our production cost greatly reduced. For example, in high temperature production enterprises such as glass factories, the use of float glass furnace flue gas waste heat boiler can maximize the use of fuel.

WNS type package boiler adopts horizontal internal combustion three pass structure and micro-positive chamber combustion mode. The boiler body is composed of a boiler barrel, a corrugated furnace tube and a two-return flue pipe. Fuel within the burner mixes with air ignited by electronic ignition rod, injection waveform combustion in the furnace, high temperature flue gas furnace by combustion chamber into two levels of convection bank state, and by the smoke box, after entering the economizer flue (optional), the boiler feed water preheating and at the same time, further reduce the boiler exhaust smoke temperature, finally through the chimney flue gas discharged into the atmosphere.

10 Ton WNS Gas Boiler Project

In the packaging industry corrugated processing line, steam boiler is an important heating equipment to improve cardboard temperature. With the strict standards of environmental protection, customers need high quality, excellent performance of environmental efficiency gas boiler. ZOZEN Boiler’s WNS series gas-fired boilers have won the favor of customers with their excellent quality performance and environmental protection advantages. In order to ensure the high quality of the ZOZEN Boiler, all the longitudinal and circumferential joints are welded with advanced automatic submerged arc welding technology, and through 100% radiographic flaw detection, eliminate unqualified welds. This series of boiler design of large diameter corrugated furnace provides ample storage space, heating surface and steam guarantees the stability of high quality steam efficient output, cooperate with adding at the end of the flue of energy-saving equipment, can make the exhaust temperature dropped to 60 ℃, the thermal efficiency can reach above 98%, and the ultra-low emission of nitrogen oxides, to raise the economic benefits at the same time reducing the environmental pollution.

wns efficiency gas boiler
wns efficiency gas boiler

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