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ZOZEN is an oil boiler manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience in design and production, among which WNS series and SZS series are the most mature boiler products, with thermal efficiency of over 98%, NOx emission as low as 30mg/Nm3, wide fuel adaptability, fully automatic safe operation and advanced control system. Oil-fired boilers can now be used not only for industrial production, but also for power generation and heating, and the pressure can be adjusted to suit the needs of customers.

szs oil fired boiler
szs oil fired boiler

At present, the condensing oil-gas boiler produced by ZOZEN boiler plant has a thermal efficiency of over 98%, which can meet the highest environmental protection standards in China and is now one of the main export products. Our products in various industries at home and abroad, such as food industry, feed industry, paper industry, printing and dyeing industry, power station power generation, rubber industry have a lot of successful cases, and in more than 100 countries and regions have our customers.

SZS series oil-fired boiler is a kind of water-tube type steam boiler with vertical double-pot tube and micro positive pressure combustion. The outlet medium is superheated steam under secondary medium pressure, which can not only meet the requirements of industrial heating, but also meet the requirements of small power stations. Double pot cylinder vertical Type D furnace structure, the end of the arrangement of energy saving auxiliary heating surface. The burner is arranged on the front wall, and the convection tube bundle is arranged in parallel with the furnace chamber. The flue gas generated by the combustion flows through the superheater (if any), the convection tube bundle and the heating surface at the end of the furnace successively, and then is discharged into the atmosphere through the chimney.

SZS Oil-fired Boiler in Printing and Dyeing Industry

In the printing and dyeing industry, industrial boilers always provide important heat source support for dyeing, drying, sizing, printing and dyeing and other production processes. Considering the current environmental protection situation and the actual demand of printing and dyeing production line, ZOZEN boiler has customized the SZS series oil-fired steam boiler system with high efficiency and environmental protection for customers. This type of boiler adopts large volume furnace design, with advanced combustion machine; NOx emission can be controlled below 30mg/m3, effectively reducing environmental pollution. At the same time, the boiler adopts D-type layout design and all-film water-cooling wall structure to ensure the sealing performance of the boiler. With the spiral finned tube energy saving device and condenser at the end of the boiler, the heat loss is effectively reduced and the boiler thermal efficiency is increased to more than 98%. In addition, ZOZEN Boiler is equipped with automatic intelligent control system, which can ensure the safe and stable operation of the boiler and reduce the labor cost of the enterprise.

oil boiler manufacturer
oil boiler manufacturer

As oil boiler manufacturer, ZOZEN Boiler serves our customers the most comprehensive way possible. Our professional customer service is online 24 hours a day and is always available to answer your questions. You are welcome to contact our online customer service or send an email to zhulin@zozen.com. We will be happy to serve you.


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