35 Ton Gas Boiler for Power Plant

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Gas-fired boiler has the advantages of full combustion, pollution-free emission, convenient operation and convenient installation, etc. 35 ton gas boiler has high thermal efficiency, large output, strong load adaptability, high degree of automation, convenient operation, safe and reliable operation, which is an ideal high-efficiency, low-consumption, low-pollution green environmental protection product. At the same time, due to the increasingly stringent environmental standards, this series of boilers will play a very important role in the future thermal equipment application field.

szs gas fired steam boiler
szs gas fired steam boiler

Normally, power plants are powered primarily by natural gas. 35 ton gas power plant boilers are mainly used in large central heating, thermal power plants or other industrial production. From the perspective of the application of natural gas, the increment of the future electric power field will come from natural gas generation by a large margin. Gas-fired boiler has become the best choice for power plant, thermal power plant and various industrial enterprises. This series of boilers will play a very important role in the future application field of thermal equipment.

Advantages of 35 Ton Gas Boiler

  1. High degree of automation: the use of electromechanical integration control equipment, control system through touch screen operation, so that the boiler automation control degree and reliability of operation greatly improved, more simple and intuitive operation.
  2. Long service life: scientific product design, advanced processing technology, rigorous quality control, the boiler equipment ZOZEN production, continuous service life is up to 10 years.
  3. Good environmental protection effect: the boiler combustion chamber design is reasonable, fully adapted to urban gas, natural gas and other fuels, fuel in the furnace micro positive pressure combustion, complete combustion, less smoke pollutants, boiler smoke blackness, smoke blackness, concentration, noise and other technical indicators are better than the national standard.

What the user wants first when purchasing boiler products is the price of gas-fired power station boiler? ZOZEN’s 35 ton gas-fired power station boiler is considered as a small power station boiler among its customers. ZOZEN also designs 45 ton, 50 ton, and 75 ton gas-fired power station boilers. Currently, the largest gas-fired boiler can be 110 tons. The actual use demand is different, the boiler model choice is different, but also the boiler auxiliary equipment configuration will affect the boiler quotation. No matter what kind of boiler customers buy, our company all staff in the professional, focused, meticulous attitude to serve every customer.

35 ton gas boiler for sale
35 ton gas boiler for sale

As a professional industrial gas boiler manufacturer with successful cooperation cases in the food industry, feed industry, cable industry, paper industry, heating industry, medicine industry and other industrial production industries, ZOZEN provides customers with the quotation of boiler scheme for free. If you have gas boiler requirements, welcome to contact our online consultation, our engineers will be the first time for you to reply.


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