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Horizontal gas hot water boiler refers to the boiler placed horizontally, it is relative to the vertical hot water boiler, and its volume is relatively large, suitable for the use of large enterprises. The fuel gas hot water boiler can be used is natural gas, coke oven gas, biogas, work efficiency can reach more than 98%, because the fuel clean gas hot water boiler environmental protection pollution-free, in line with the requirements of the national environmental policy, favored by enterprises.

szs gas hot water boiler
szs gas hot water boiler

Gas fired boilers is a kind of special equipment for heating and providing industrial use. Hot water boiler, gas under proper temperature, mixed with air ventilation system to the chamber of a stove or furnace combustion, heat release, passed on the heating surface water, water temperature rising, for the fuel gas hot water boiler, water temperature below the boiling point, through the inlet into the boiler, after boiler heating standard of water quality by circulating water pump into indoor radiator, heat by radiation and convection heat transfer. The water that flows through the radiator goes back into the hot water boiler to be heated, and then back into the radiator, and so on and so on.

At present, the most new-type gas-fired hot water boiler on the boiler market is the condensing boiler, which has high thermal efficiency and small volume. The boiler adopts the main heat exchanger of silicon cast aluminum and full premixed burner for combustion, so that NOx emission of pollutants is lower than 30mg/Nm3. ZOZEN SZS and WNS series gas-fired hot water boilers are recognized and favored by users in various industries with their excellent performance of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.

Advantages of Gas Hot Water Boilers

  1. Environmental protection. Whether it is steam, hot water or heat conduction oil boilers, the performance of the gas boilers is outstanding in environmental protection; especially the low nitrogen gas furnace can achieve the discharge of less than 30 mg/m3, in line with the current most stringent standards, which is located in the first-tier urban areas with boiler unit enterprises more appropriate.
  2. Energy saving. The boiler is equipped with imported combustion machine, which can promote full combustion and release heat to the gas and oil. Moreover, the advanced design and materials of the boiler adopt threaded smoke pipe, which greatly enhances the heat transfer effect. The heat transfer coefficient is two times higher than the traditional smoke pipe and the boiler heats and produces hot water faster.
  3. Intelligence. The hot water boiler is controlled by PLC control system, equipped with full Chinese LCD screen and man-machine interface. Efficient and automatic operation can be realized by simple setting.
  4. Safety. The boiler intelligent control system can store the real-time operation data of the boiler and prompt the boiler fault alarm.
gas-fired hot water boiler sale
gas-fired hot water boilers sale

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