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The environmentally friendly 20 ton coal boiler manufactured by Wuxi ZOZEN Boiler is featured with fast installation, less materials and working hours, compact structure, small floor space, high efficiency, strong overload capacity and wide adaptability of coal types, making it the world’s most advanced Boiler. SZL20-1.25 series coal-fired steam boiler has a rated evaporative pressure of 20t/h. Its reference rated evaporative pressure is 2.5MPa, rated steam temperature is 194℃, and the designed fuel is mostly anthracite.

coal fired boilers
coal fired boilers

The water-cooled arch and membrane-type water-cooled wall assembly boiler of the 20 ton SZL series coal-fired steam boiler is a patented product. The boiler is mainly composed of upper and lower boiler barrel, convection tube bundle, water-cooled wall tube, drop tube and header. The upper and lower boiler barrel is arranged in a vertical way. The boiler body is composed of longitudinally placed upper and lower boiler barrel and convection tube bundles.

Environmental protection coal boiler model parameters

Model: SZL20-1.25 – AⅡ
Rated evaporation capacity: 20t/h
Rated steam pressure: 1.25MPa
Rated steam temperature: 194℃
Feed water temperature: 105℃
Design: fuel Ⅱ kind of bituminous coal
Factory mode: assembly

Performance of Coal Fired Boilers

  1. Single return thread fireworks tube is adopted in the boiler barrel of 20-ton coal fired steam boiler, with good thermal conductivity.
  2. The flue gas flows smoothly into the front smoke box after passing through the two wings of the flue gas, effectively reducing the flue gas temperature of the tube plate in the low-temperature zone, and preventing the generation of tube plate cracks and pipe explosion disorder.
  3. Adopt the strong radiation furnace arch, according to different fuel plan furnace arch, make the front arch and back arch phase response, form “” flame extinguish, easy to burn, and improve the level of burning fuel, deal with the poor coal extinguish performance, make the coal more adaptable.
  4. Compact structure, small floor area, single layer layout of boiler room, provincial capital construction investment; High degree of assembly, short installation cycle, less installation costs.
  5. The heating surface layout is sufficient and reasonable, the boiler temperature rise, pressure boost fast, full output, high thermal efficiency.
  6. The grate is divided into air bins and the air volume of each bin is independently adjustable, and the grate is stepless speed regulating, which is suitable for wide types of coal and full combustion.
  7. The electric control cabinet is equipped with complete automatic control and monitoring standard, with high degree of automation, safety and reliability, and easy operation.
  8. The boiler belongs to the whole water pipe structure, long life, radiation heating, high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving.
6 ton chain grate boiler sales
6 ton chain grate boiler sales

Our customer service staff 7*24 hours online, we will give customers professional advice at any time. In addition to SZL series and DZL series, we also have SHX series circulating fluidized bed boilers, which can produce boiler products of 2 ton – 100 tons capacity, suitable for all kinds of industries. If you are buying boilers, please contact us for consultation.


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