58MW Coal-fired Hot Water Boiler in Malaysia

Available industries: Heating Industry
Project boiler medium:Hot Water

58MW Coal-fired Hot Water Boiler

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Case Introduction

In the central heating industry, the coal fired hot water boiler is an important heating device, the stability of operation will directly affect people’s life. ZOZEN’s 58MW coal-fired hot water boiler has been welcomed by central heating companies for their superior performance, reliable operation and environmentally friendly protection. The Heating Company purchased two DHW series coal-fired boilers from ZOZEN Boilers.

DHW coal-fired boiler adopts horizontal single barrel reciprocating grate structure. Because reciprocating grate has good combustion performance and higher combustion efficiency, DHW series coal-fired hot water boiler has higher furnace temperature and more effective combustion, and the carbon content in fly ash is lower. At the same time, supplying air at equal pressure from a uniform air chamber and regulating the distribution of air in the micro-zone will also reduce the carbon content in the slag. In addition, the main body of the boiler and the middle door are completely sealed with membrane water wall structure. The marked convective heating surfaces are also designed to have equal flow rates to reduce fly ash and further improve the heat transfer coefficient.

ZOZEN’s coal-fired hot water boilers use custom-made grate plates to ensure smooth operation of the grate; The combustion-supporting air system adopts an independent air compartment, which can be reasonably distributed to the wind according to different combustion conditions to ensure sufficient combustion of fuel. Scientific air conditioning devices further improve the combustion efficiency, thermal efficiency can reach more than 88%.

Customer Feedback

ZOZEN is really a trusted business. We are very satisfied with the equipment produced by ZOZEN. The quality and performance are very good, which gives us a strong guarantee to complete the winter heating work for the residents of the area.


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