6tph SZL Series Coal-fired Steam Boiler in Columbia food factory

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Available industries: Food Industry
Project boiler medium:Steam

6tph SZL Series Coal-fired Steam Boiler

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Case Introduction

Food processing is usually inseparable from steam boilers; in the production process needs to carry out sterilization and aseptic packaging procedures, high quality steam is very important for food factories. For small and medium-sized food processing plants, the most commonly used is 6 tons coal-fired steam boiler is SZL6-1.25-AII, can adapt to bituminous coal, anthracite and other fuels. ZOZEN’s eco-friendly coal-fired boilers are clean and environmentally friendly in terms of desulphurization technology and pollutant discharge. Users can rest assured that they can use them.

After learning about Agra Feed S.A.S. ‘s needs, ZOZEN recommended a 6tph SZL series coal-fired steam boiler. Designed and developed by ZOZEN, this series of coal-fired boilers features wide adaptability of coal types, compact design and easy installation. The outstanding performance advantages of this chain grate boiler have successfully won the AGRA FEED S.A.S. of all ages. To increase the company’s actual efficiency, ZOZEN also customizes steam boiler systems with a thermal efficiency of over 82%. At the same time, according to the environmental requirements of the area, ZOZEN also installed dust removal, desulfurization and denitrification facilities, effectively reducing NOx emissions.

SZL series coal-fired boilers are the best designed products of the same kind, with the advantages of fast installation, time-saving and material saving, compact structure, small footprint, high reliability, high thermal efficiency and strong overload capacity. 6 tons coal steam boiler advanced technology, boiler design is reasonable, is qualified products. And compared with other ordinary coal-fired furnace, has the advantages of safe and reliable, sufficient output, high efficiency, and the effect of environmental protection and energy saving is obvious. For users, it has significant economic and social benefits.

Customer Feedback

ZOZEN not only provides us with high quality chain grate boilers, but also provides us with a complete set of custom steam boiler systems to keep our production lines running efficiently and stably. Next time we will work with ZOZEN.


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