6tph Packaged Chain Grate Steam Boilers in Bangladesh

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Available industries: Feed Industry
Project boiler medium:Steam
Capacity:15 tph

SZL coal-fired chain grate boiler

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Case Introduction

In feed industry, steam boiler is a very important heating equipment. Thermal refining is one of the important processes affecting the quality of pellet feed. The three main factors affecting thermal refining are humidity, temperature and time, which depends on the stable and efficient steam boiler equipment. ZOZEN Boiler has customized the SZL series coal-fired steam Boiler system for the RRP agricultural farm to meet the needs of the feed production line. The system is equipped with a multi-tube water film dust collector design to meet environmental requirements. At the same time, ZOZEN boiler also set different number of independent air bunkers and air baffles for the boiler base, to ensure that the SZL series chain grate steam boilers can achieve complete combustion, so users can reasonably distribute air to coal according to the quality of coal and combustion conditions, to achieve accurate air distribution, improve fuel efficiency.

The boilers produced by ZOZEN are widely used in the feed industry and are well received by domestic and international customers. This time, not only did ZOZEN Boiler establish a friendly partnership with MCC Ltd as ZOZEN’s Bangladesh agent, based on mutual trust, but it also won the admiration of RRP Agro Farm’s, a Bangladesh feed manufacturing business. ZOZEN Boiler’s SZL series coal-fired chain grate steam boilers play an important role in the RRP Agricultural Farm’s production line, providing safe and efficient heating for feed production. This is the first environmentally friendly coal-fired Boiler project completed by ZOZEN Boiler and its agent, MCC Ltd.

SZL series water-cooled arch and membrane water-cooled wall boiler is a new type of water tube assembly boiler developed by our company. It applies the water-cooled arch technology and membrane water-cooled wall technology of the combustion system of large chain grate boiler to the chain grate boiler. The boiler has high efficiency, strong overload capacity, wide adaptability of coal types and advanced level.

6tph Packaged Chain Grate Steam Boiler

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Customer Feedback

It is a pleasure to work with ZOZEN Boiler Company in China, which produces industrial boilers that excel in safety, environmental protection and steam quality, which makes our feed production line more efficient. What’s more, ZOZEN’s SZL series coal-fired boilers are packaged before shipping, thus saving a lot of time and construction costs.


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