15 tph Biogas-fired Steam Boiler in Food Plant

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Available industries: Food Industry
Project boiler medium:Steam
Capacity:15 tph

15 tons gas oil fired boiler site

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Case Introduction

In the process of food production, soybean protein processing, sterilization, concentration, flash evaporation, dehydration and other processes need high temperature, high quality superheated steam to ensure the high nutritional value of soybean protein isolates. ZOZEN SZS series biogas-fired steam boilers are well received by customers in food factories for their high efficiency steam output and high quality high temperature steam.

ZOZEN has designed an efficient and environmentally friendly SZS series biogas-fired superheated steam boiler system for food plant. The boiler is fueled by biogas, a renewable energy source from the food factory, which saves a lot of fuel cost. In the structure, ZOZEN SZS series superheated steam boiler main body using D type layout and membrane wall structure, can greatly increase the radiation heating surface, fully ensure the sealing of the boiler, so that the boiler thermal efficiency increased to more than 98%. In addition, the boiler is also equipped with a reasonable size drum and soda separator, which can effectively reduce the moisture content entrained in the steam, improve the quality of steam, and provide a solid guarantee for the quality of food products.

Biogas is a very special gas fuel. It is a kind of combustible gas produced by microbial fermentation in isolation from air and at the appropriate temperature and pH value. ZOZEN design and production of 15 tons biogas-fired steam boiler can be used for large and small aquaculture plants, slaughterhouses, paper mills, beverage plants, wineries, amylum plant sewage treatment process of biogas utilization.

15tons SZS Biogas-fired Steam Boiler

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Customer Feedback

ZOZEN Boiler is indeed one of the most advanced and qualified industrial boiler manufacturers in China. Because of our special production technology, we put forward very high requirements for the temperature and quality of the steam produced by the steam boiler. However, ZOZEN not only recommended the appropriate SZS series superheated steam boiler according to our requirements for steam production, but also designed a reasonable biogas combustion system according to our requirements for fuel. We are very pleased with our cooperation with ZOZEN Boilers.


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