Diesel Oil Steam Boiler for Food Mill Bangladesh

Diesel oil steam boiler refers to the use of fuel oil industrial boilers, including diesel oil, waste oil and other oil boilers. The overall layout of oil-fired boiler and gas-fired boiler is the same type of boiler products, but the bottom of the oil-fired boiler furnace is mostly made of 10° ~ 30° inclined to the rear wall of the insulation furnace bottom, in order to obtain good combustion characteristics. In order to make the fuel oil atomized, there are two types of fuel burner nozzle: mechanical centrifugal nozzle and steam atomized Y nozzle.

diesel light oil boiler supplier
diesel light oil boiler supplier

Characteristics of Diesel Steam Boiler

  1. Safe and reliable: combustion sequence control, boiler burner for automatic control program, and equipped with flame, automatic monitoring system, its strict safety guarantee function, so that the combustion process and combustion control is very safe and reliable. Pressure control, steam pressure control using pressure controller, using three point controls, namely steam pressure two point automatic control and overpressure chain protection. Water level control, controlled by water level controller, that is, boiler running low water level start pump, normal water level stop pump; at the same time, extremely low water level alarm and high water level alarm and other chain protection.
  2. Energy-saving protection, well-designed three-return combustion chamber in the center and optimized heat exchange surface design ensure better heat transfer, so that the boiler thermal efficiency reaches more than 98%. The use of automatic burner, the fuel efficiency of more than 99.9%; Low nitrogen oxides and low carbon monoxide production, so that the flue gas emission clean, pollution-free. The high quality heat insulation layer ensures that the surface heat dissipation of the furnace body is less than 1% even in the cold outdoors.
  3. Long service life, the softening water device of boiler equipment makes the boiler feed water pass through qualified treatment, which is an important matter to prolong the boiler life and ensure the safety of operation. The product adopts the structure of wet back internal combustion chamber and the process of tube plate and edge, which effectively guarantees the running life of the combustion system. The service life can reach 20 years.
  4. Automatic combustion, the use of automatic burner and monitoring system, greatly reduce the boiler maintenance management workload, and can realize the precise control of the operation process.
  5. Integrated configuration, according to the standard of integrated configuration, all parts of the accessories is assembled after delivery, so that the site installation is more convenient and fast.
wns diesel oil steam boiler
wns diesel oil steam boiler

Diesel Steam Boilers Used for Food Mill

Dairy industry has been in the rapid development, in the dairy processing process, sterilization and fermentation process all need a lot of steam, so how to choose steam boiler? ZOZEN boiler manufacturer supplied a WNS condensing diesel boiler in accordance with the local environmental policy and the steam usage of the dairy production line and the independent environment of the boiler room. WNS series horizontal internal combustion boiler is designed according to the advanced technology at home and abroad, boiler shell type three return wet back gas boiler, boiler automatic operation, combustion, water level, temperature and steam pressure can be automatically adjusted, automatic protection.


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