10tons Biogas Fired Boiler Price in Brazil

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Biogas fired boiler is a kind of industrial boiler that uses renewable resource biogas as fuel. ZOZEN can produce more than 1 ton biogas heating boiler, biogas hot water boiler and biogas steam boiler. The emergence of biogas boiler not only makes good use of energy, but also brings great convenience to people’s lives. The farming industry, for example, produces a large amount of animal waste every day. Collected and turned into biogas, it is a good use of energy.

10 ton gas biogas fired boiler
10 ton gas biogas fired boiler

How much methane does a 10-ton gas-fired boiler burn a day? The heating load standard of 1 ton gas-fired hot water boiler is 750KW per hour, and the calorific value of biogas is 5203 ~ 6622 kcal/m3. 1 ton biogas boiler needs 110 cubic meters of biogas per hour. It is calculated that the gas consumption per hour (biogas) of each ton gas-fired boiler is about 110 cubic meters *10 ton boiler =1100 cubic meters. That is, 10 tons of gas hot water boiler a day to burn 1100 cubic meters of methane.

Performance Advantages of 10tons Biogas Boiler

  1. Convenient combustion regulation. The selection of appropriate burner can make the combustion of gas in a better state. And can according to the heat demand, the different gas mixture combustion, to achieve the desired calorific value, to meet the needs of users.
  2. Pollution-free, conducive to environmental protection. Gaseous fuel is a kind of basically pollution-free clean fuel, its harmful components, such as sulfur and ash content is very low, there is no large amount of ash to deal with, will not cause pollution to the atmosphere, will not cause pollution to the environment, soil and water. Its combustion products are mainly water and carbon dioxide.
  3. Easy to transport, excellent performance. The liquefied gas is easy to transport and can be fully mixed with air in the combustion process to ensure the full combustion and improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler.
wns gas fired boiler
wns gas fired boiler

Biogas boiler price is composed of two parts, boiler body and boiler auxiliary machine. The size of the biogas boiler body depends on the technical parameters; of course, the price is ultimately determined by the technical parameters. After the general parameters are determined, the price of the biogas boiler body will be determined. And biogas boiler auxiliary machine should not only consider the number of auxiliary machine, but also consider the brand and the material used. Boiler auxiliary machines generally have feeder, fan, induced draft fan, return fan, grate, slag removal machinery, etc. Boiler brands and materials are different; often the price of auxiliary machines will also vary greatly.

Textile factory, garment factory, garment factory, printing and dyeing factory, packaging factory, building materials factory, coating factory, food processing plant, of course, can also be used in the chemical industry and sterilization and other uses, as long as it is the need for steam manufacturers basically will be used. The WNS series and SZS series gas boilers designed and produced by ZOZEN are widely used in the market and have a good reputation. Different devices have different thermal efficiencies and use different amounts of natural gas. According to the gas consumption formula, we can roughly calculate the gas consumption as a reference, and the specific value needs to be calculated according to the actual parameters. In addition to 10 tons of biogas boiler, we can also provide boiler equipment with different evaporation capacity from 20 tons to 110 tons. Welcome to contact us for detailed information.


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