20tons Gas Steam Boilers in Chemical Plant

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20tons gas steam boilers has become the preferred type of 90% industrial enterprises, with high degree of automation, automatic purge according to the command of the controller, electronic automatic ignition, automatic combustion, wind oil (gas) automatic proportional regulation, safe and stable performance, and good combustion effect. The ash content, sulfur content and nitrogen content in the gas is lower than that of coal, full combustion, little dust content in the flue gas, the emission is easy to meet the national standards for gas equipment, can greatly reduce the pollution to the environment, good environmental protection performance.

20tons gas steam boilers
20tons gas steam boilers

20tons Gas Steam Boiler Features

  1. The boiler combustion chamber is composed of a large diameter full ripple furnace with large combustion space, complete fuel combustion, effective absorption of heat expansion, and large radiation heating surface.
  2. Large pot shell diameter, large water capacity, strong adaptability to load changes, stable output; the steam space volume is large, the net distance between the soda interface and the steam outlet is high enough, and the steam humidity is low.
  3. The boiler combustion chamber low layout, the water level is determined in accordance with the national regulations, at the same time in strict accordance with the international standard water level fluctuation time requirements, with sufficient safe precipitation space, to ensure the safety of the boiler operation.
  4. The boiler rear panel is equipped with explosion-proof device connected with the furnace, which can prevent the high energy generated at the moment of discharge when the fuel is violently deflated in the furnace, and automatically reset. Meanwhile, it has the function of fire-viewing mirror and maintenance channel, making use of the adjustment of the burning flame during operation to facilitate the maintenance and maintenance of the furnace.
  5. The top of the boiler is equipped with manhole, boiler front and rear end of the middle and lower part of the unique manhole device, easy to boiler installation and boiler bottom maintenance and cleaning.
  6. The smoke box of the boiler adopts double door smoke box door, easy to open, multi-level labyrinth seal, and sealing material special, good compressibility, completely prevent the leakage of smoke, can be used again.
  7. Multiple control protection for boiler pressure and water level as well as ultra-smoky temperature protection ensure the safety of boiler operation.
szs condensing gas fired boiler
szs condensing gas fired boiler

Gas Boilers Used in Chemical Industry Case

As an electronics giant, Samsung electronics is very strict about the details of its steam boiler system. In 2012, ZOZEN Boiler successfully became the boiler supplier of Samsung Electronics with its strong enterprise comprehensive strength, and won the high quality supplier thank card issued by Samsung Electronics. This time, Samsung electronics memory chip phase II project, still choose to cooperate with trustworthy ZOZEN boiler. ZOZEN boiler customized SZS series gas steam boiler system solution for Samsung Electronics. This series boiler is a double-pot tube vertical chamber combustion D-type boiler. The design of large furnace ensures full combustion of fuel. At the same time, in order to improve the boiler thermal efficiency, ZOZEN boiler also installed energy-saving devices at the end of the flue, so that the boiler thermal efficiency is up to more than 98%, thus saving operating costs.

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