Horizontal WNS Gas Boiler for Food Factory

WNS gas boiler is a horizontal three-return fire tube boiler, suitable for small boilers of less than 20 tons. The three-return boiler structure adopts three return trips. Oil or gas, after being well atomized by the burner, is fully mixed with air and completely burned in the corrugated furnace chamber. It turns from the back smoke chamber into the first return smoke pipe, turns to the front smoke box into the second return smoke pipe, and finally enters the back smoke box and is discharged by the chimney. The large size of the furnace provides conditions for the full combustion of fuel, so it has strong adaptability to different fuels and can burn natural gas, city gas, liquefied natural gas and so on.

10MW condensing gas water tube boiler
10MW condensing gas water tube boiler

Advantages of Horizontal WNS Gas Fired Boiler

  1. Low cost: This type of boiler has high combustion efficiency, fuel saving and low cost of fuel investment; Full bevel butt-weld, long safety life and low maintenance cost.
  2. High efficiency: A flue gas condensation recovery device is arranged at the tail end, which can effectively control the exhaust temperature and achieve high thermal efficiency of the boiler; Adopt automatic burner, feed water adopt continuous electric adjustment, combustion efficiency is high.
  3. Safe and stable: design over temperature, over pressure, water shortage, leakage detection, flameout and other protection functions, safe and reliable boiler operation.
  4. Space saving: With quick installation structure, the whole boiler is designed on the base with strong rigidity, which is easy to install and transport, saving the space occupied by the boiler room.


In the process of frozen food production and processing, food companies need to blanch semi-finished raw materials, and a stable supply of hot water is very important to the food production line. After a series of investigation on the industrial boiler market, the food factory ordered a zhongzheng boiler, WNS series three-return gas boiler. Using clean energy (natural gas) as fuel, WNS series boiler achieves low emission of NOx≤30mg/Nm3 through advanced low nitrogen combustion technology, meets the requirements of air pollutant emission standards, and helps enterprises to pass the environmental assessment of new projects. At the same time, this type of boiler adopts the large furnace design, has the sufficient steam storage space and the heating surface, the output is sufficient, the steam quality is high, the energy conservation reduces the consumption at the same time provides the powerful heat source guarantee for the enterprise daily production.

Being gas boiler latent heat of vaporization heat condensation latent heat, there is no risk of inflation, explosion, inside the furnace body with constant heat medium water storage, there is no risk of dry, multiple automatic protection device, has unmatched by other boiler safety, effectively improves the thermal efficiency, heat transfer performance is good, the ontology three return back wet type design, effectively improve the radiation and convection heat transfer area, the boiler thermal efficiency is as high as 98%. It is widely used in hospitals, schools, textile factories, clothing factories, printing and dyeing factories, hotels, food factories, beverage factories, soybean products factories, meat products factories, canning factory, winery, pharmaceutical factories, packaging factories and other industries.

industrial wns gas boiler
industrial wns gas boiler

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