4 Ton Coal-fired Thermal Oil Heater in Vietnam

Coal-fired thermal oil heater is a new kind of environmental protection heating equipment. 4 ton thermal oil boiler is widely used in food, feed and other industries. On the market, the price of 4 ton thermal oil boiler is relatively large. Thermal efficiency is the most important thing when purchasing thermal oil boiler. Stable and safe supply of high quality heat source is related to the operating cost of the boiler and the stability of the production line. The strength of coal-fired thermal oil boiler manufacturers not only affects the quality of equipment, but also has a certain impact on the price of thermal oil boiler. Strong manufacturers, with complete production facilities, advanced production technology and scientific management mechanism, not only produce high quality equipment, but also very reasonable price.

6000kw coal-fired thermal oil heater
6000kw coal-fired thermal oil heater

ZOZEN implements digital manufacturing. The steel pipe is inclined with CNC THREE-DIMENSIONAL laser cutting machine, and the square plate control is made with CNC three-dimensional pipe bending machine. All argon arc welding: both snake pipe and square coil pipe adopt argon arc welding process, which guarantees 100% qualification; Long service life: the convective heating surface adopts effective fixed and supporting structure, which makes it have a longer service life. The convective heating surface is set with effective smoke isolation, and the pouring partition wall has a longer service life.

The operation and maintenance of the boiler are simple. The patented furnace arch structure developed by our company, the anti-front fuel hopper, can effectively prevent the biomass burning hopper and coking, and set up the effective ash clearing structure, which is convenient for maintenance, operation and cleaning. The furnace adopts double dense coil pipe, sufficient heating surface arrangement, and high quality heat preservation material, which can reduce heat loss, not affect heating effect and effectively reduce fuel consumption.

YLW series Coal-fired Thermal Oil Boiler in Nonferrous Industry

Manganese is an important non-renewable strategic resource, which is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, agriculture and other fields. Industrial boilers provide sufficient heat source power for the purification process during the deep processing of manganese ore. The excellent quality of ZOZEN boiler comes from the strong comprehensive strength of the enterprise. The modern and intelligent technology equipment has the leading advantage in China. The automatic production line of coiled tubes in convective region, CNC three-dimensional pipe bender, automatic welding of tube seat and other equipment ensure the high precision and high efficiency of boiler production. At the same time, YLW series heat-conducting oil boiler has excellent safety performance, high degree of automation and easy maintenance, and can precisely control oil temperature and oil pressure, so as to meet the actual use demand of Daxing manganese ore. In terms of furnace body insulation, ZOZEN boiler keeps improving as well. It adopts high-quality firebrick masonry on the inside, concave and convex panel on the outside, and high-quality pearl cotton on the middle to ensure that the temperature of furnace body is controlled below 50℃ and reduce heat loss. In addition, in order to realize the green development goal of Daxin manganese ore, ZOZEN boiler has customized the flue gas waste heat recovery system and scientific boiler room layout plan for daxin manganese ore, so as to effectively improve the economic benefits of users and truly implement clean production, energy conservation and emission reduction.

YLW coal thermal oil boiler-export-pakistan
YLW coal thermal oil boiler export pakistan

ZOZEN boiler not only has ASME certification and steel seal, but also has successively obtained CE/PED, DOSH, IBR and other international certifications. ZOZEN boiler’s sales network has extended from Asia to Africa, Oceania, Eastern Europe, America and other places, and exported to more than 100 countries and regions. As a representative large gas boiler brand in Jiangsu Province, Wuxi ZOZEN boiler has been recognized by many customers in terms of manufacturer qualification, strength, boiler quality, public praise, production technology, after-sales service and other aspects.


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