SZS Superheated Steam Boiler in Spain

The SZS type oil and gas furnace adopts the two leading technologies in the world of low nitrogen combustion, namely staged combustion and FGR flue gas recycling, which can reduce NOX emission to less than 30 mg/m3. It not only fully meets the most stringent low nitrogen emission standards in China, but also reaches the advanced level of low nitrogen emission combustion technology. With the SZS superheated steam boiler’s high safety, up to 98% thermal efficiency, and equipped with intelligent boiler Internet of Things system, this type of boiler not only achieves ultra-low nitrogen emission, but also greatly saves energy, making it a priority for customers in various industries.

szs superheated steam boiler
szs superheated steam boiler

ZOZEN new condensing SZS series low nitrogen gas steam boiler is my company and the xi ‘an jiaotong university jointly developed a new type of gas boiler, gas boiler furnace in inheriting the SZS based on mature technology, using the xi ‘an jiaotong university national invention patents, new fuel gas boiler optimization design software design, structure performance in the domestic leading level.

A gas-fired boiler is one type product of industrial boiler, which is subdivided according to the type of fuel used in the boiler. The fuel that the gas boiler burns is gas fuel, usually the fuel is natural gas, gas, biogas and liquefied petroleum gas, etc., and the most used of these gas fuels is natural gas. We can also understand that the gas boiler usually refers to the natural gas boiler.

How to Choose Superheated Steam Boiler?

1. Product use.
Boiler can be divided into steam boiler, hot water boiler, hot water boiler and thermal oil boiler according to the use of the products. Above all we want to understand the boiler of what use we need first, generally speaking factory enterprise applies steam boiler, heat conduction oil boiler more, and dweller life applies hot water boiler and boiling water boiler more, we can choose after understanding use.

2. Product shape.
Boilers can be divided into horizontal boilers and vertical boilers according to the product type.
Horizontal boiler refers to the size of the product for the “horizontal” boiler products, it is more refers to large boilers, and the vertical boiler is the size of the “vertical” boiler products, more refers to small boilers.

3. Nitrogen oxide content.
Boiler exhaust gas emission in the material we can called nitrogen oxides, nitrogen oxides of height decides the degree of environmental protection of boiler, according to the standard can be divided into ordinary gas boiler, boiler NOx low nitrogen gas boiler and low nitrogen gas boiler, we can easy to understand for the environmental protection boiler, the common boiler and not environmental protection.

15 ton szs condensing steam boiler
15 ton szs condensing steam boiler

In the process of customizing superheated steam boiler system for ZOZEN Boiler customers, the boiler system in the process, follow the “technology is feasible, economic and reasonable” principle, adjust measures to local conditions, according to different regions and different projects, scientific selection of appropriate furnace type, in ensuring safe and reliable, under the premise of protecting the environment and meet the demand of heat makes every effort to save the project investment, improve the economic benefits.


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