Eco-friendly Gas Water Tube Boilers Sale in Botswana

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SZS type eco-friendly gas water tube boilers are two return double cylinder longitudinal D type layout chamber combustion horizontal boiler. The boiler is mainly composed of: longitudinal arrangement of the upper and lower drum, convection tube bundle, the left side of the furnace water-cooled film wall, the right side of the water-cooled film wall, the front and back wall of the film water-cooled wall, the front water-cooled wall is provided with annular water-cooled ring to facilitate the installation of the burner, and the back wall of the furnace is provided with explosion-proof door, boiler base, platform escalator and so on.

gas water tube boilers
gas water tube boilers

SZS fuel gas oil boiler fuel use range is very wide, like methane, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, liquefied gas, heavy oil, light oil, diesel oil, etc., has been very widely used, such as power plants, textile mills, oil drilling, fabric printing and dyeing and chemical industry, etc., are also often used in hotel, the urban district high-rise building heating, heating and hot water in colleges and universities, woolen mill use of oil and gas boiler, etc., SZS fuel gas boiler main supply of hot water and steam medium.

Advantages of SZS Oil Gas Water Tube Boiler

  1. Intelligent automatic burner, multiple protection functions, electric continuous regulation of water supply, high thermal efficiency.
  2. The top of the furnace is provided with explosion-proof surface, with high safety level, and the furnace is provided with inspection holes, which provides great convenience for use and maintenance.
  3. The base adopts strong rigidity design material, quick installation structure, convenient transportation and quick installation.
  4. Strong thermal insulation performance. Adopt high efficient thermal resistance material, pressing guard plate to ensure the beautiful outer layer.
  5. High thermal efficiency. SZS oil and gas boiler has low operating cost and low thermal efficiency. The tail flue gas condensing recovery device can reduce the waste heat emission of the boiler and effectively control the exhaust temperature.
  6. Stable parameters. Large enough heating area and steam space to provide efficiency while ensuring parameter stability.
  7. Good sealing performance of furnace wall. Water wall mode structure, fully enclosed welding structure. Good air tightness.
szs gas steam boilers
szs gas steam boilers

In the food industry, the production process of milk powder includes several technological steps such as sterilization, concentration and drying, all of which require a large amount of stable steam. Therefore, the efficient and stable operation of the industrial steam boiler has a direct impact on the food factory production line. In recent years, the air quality problem has aroused great concern of the whole society. In order to improve the air environment, the country has introduced more stringent emission standards. The food factory dismantled two 35t/h coal-fired steam boilers and one 20t/h coal-fired steam boiler, and selected three 35t/h gas-fired steam boilers produced by ZOZEN. Because steam boiler is the heart of the production line equipment, boiler product performance and operation is very important to customers. SZS series gas tube boilers adopt full membrane type water wall structure, and do air tightness test before insulation, to ensure that the boiler in the micro positive pressure combustion without smoke phenomenon, but also to reduce the boiler body heat loss; Large volume furnace design, selection of low-nitrogen combustion machine imported from Europe, effectively inhibit the generation of NOx, achieve ultra-low nitrogen emissions. Whether you are interested in our company or our products, please feel free to contact us.


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