600000 kcal Biomass Thermic Fluid Oil Heaters

YLW series biomass thermic fluid oil heaters are a forced circulation chain grate boiler developed by ZOZEN boiler. This is based on biomass fuel boiler products, heat conduction oil as medium, a new type of heating equipment consists of upper body and lower chain grate the front of ontology for the chamber radiation heating surface, central heating surface of snake-like tube bundle, back to convection surface, running process, the boiler can be precise temperature adjustment according to actual requirement, can satisfy the different requirements of customers. The boiler has the advantages of compact structure, small occupation area, high assembly degree, short installation period and less installation cost.

Biomass Thermic Fluid Oil Heaters
Biomass Thermic Fluid Oil Heaters

The production line of fiber fabric and synthetic leather products has a great demand for heat source of heating equipment. YLW series coal-fired heat conduction oil boiler is a horizontal chain grate assembly boiler. The chain grate and the boiler body are delivered separately. After the boiler components are transported to the site and in place, they only need to connect pipes, valves and control lines, connect oil and electricity to be put into operation. The installation cycle is short, which can save a lot of installation costs for enterprises. In addition, YLW series coal using heat conduction oil boiler coil structure, optimize the radiation heating surface, to ensure full combustion of fuel, boiler inside is made of high quality of refractory brick masonry, topical concave-convex panel, using high quality perlite, make the furnace temperature control under 50 ℃, can effectively reduce the boiler heat loss, so as to improve the comprehensive thermal efficiency of boiler.

Characteristics of Thermic Fluid Oil Heaters

  1. Under the condition of low pressure, high operating temperature can be obtained. That is, it can greatly reduce the operating pressure and safety requirements of the high temperature heating system and improve the reliability of the system and equipment;
  2. It can meet the process requirements of heating and cooling at different temperatures in a wider temperature range, or realize the process requirements of high temperature heating and low temperature cooling at the same time with the same heat conducting oil in the same system. It can reduce the complexity of the system and operation;
  3. Omit the water treatment system and equipment, improve the thermal efficiency of the system, and reduce the maintenance workload of equipment and pipeline. That is to reduce the initial investment and operating costs of the heating system;
  4. Compared with molten salt, another kind of high temperature heat transfer medium, molten salt has absolute advantages over thermal oil in the price and service life of heat transfer medium when the operating temperature is above 400℃, but it is at obvious disadvantage in other aspects, especially in the complexity of system operation.
ylw biomass-fired thermal oil boiler
ylw biomass-fired thermal oil boiler

ZOZEN boiler technology research and development, and Shanghai jiaotong university for all kinds of biomass fuels such as rice husk, sawdust, palm shell, the combustion experiment after repeated numerical simulation of the research and development of biomass chain furnace thermal efficiency can reach more than 88%, the thermal efficiency of the boiler system is 5% more than the same boiler system on the market, is the industry leader. In addition, according to the combustion distribution in the furnace, the special furnace arch structure designed by ZOZEN boiler can make the initial NOx emission concentration as low as 100mg/Nm3. Biomass heat conduction oil boiler is widely used, such as paper industry, textile industry, feed industry, etc. If you have a boiler requirement, or do not know how to choose a boiler, please contact us.


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