DZL Chain Grate Steam Boiler for Sale

The chain grate boiler is divided into steam boiler, hot water boiler and heat conduction oil boiler according to the different heat transfer medium. Coal-fired steam boilers, as a heat source, are widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, paper making, packaging and other industries and fields. ZOZEN produces coal chain grate steam boilers including SZL series double drum boiler, DZL series single drum boiler, SHX series circulating fluidized bed boiler, DHX series circulating fluidized bed boiler, DHL series Angle tube boiler and SHL series bulk boiler. Users in Pakistan, Thailand, Tajikistan, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar and other countries and regions have more choices for coal-fired boilers.

coal-fired chain grate steam boiler
coal-fired chain grate steam boiler

The new type DZL series coal burning chain grate hot water boiler is a single cylinder vertical type water and fire tube boiler, the burning equipment is chain grate. The water wall on the left and right sides of the furnace is the radiant heating surface, and the two wings of the furnace and the threaded smoke pipe in the cylinder are the convective heating surface. Boiler body in the overall structure of the upper cylinder, water wall tube and collection box symmetrical arrangement form. The cylinder is welded together with the cylinder body and the front and rear tube plates.
The boiler furnace layout is reasonable and the combustion efficiency is high. The boiler adopts a variety of environmental protection measures, such as bag dust removal, double tower desulfurization, so that the boiler smoke emission to meet the national environmental protection standards.

The back arch of DZL chain grate is low and long, and the outlet section is anti-inclined. The Angle of the front arch is 45° and the back arch correspond to the formation of inverted “α” flame, which is conducive to the combustion of inferior coal and the adaptability of coal types is strong. The boiler has the advantages of fast installation, time-saving and material saving, compact structure, small occupation area, high reliability, high thermal efficiency and strong overload capacity. DZL chain grate steam boiler (mainly the upper body and the lower base) has been assembled in the plant, only need to complete the interface and auxiliary machine and pipeline system in the boiler room can be run. There are two symmetrical convection flues under both sides of the boiler drum of the chain grate coal boiler. In addition, the water wall curved pipe is assembled at 750mm away from the center line of the boiler drum to completely solve the drawback of the tear weld caused by heat expansion and cold contraction of the boiler drum and the collection box.

10tons dzl coal-fired steam boiler
10tons dzl coal-fired steam boiler

Coal fired chain grate steam boiler price is determined by the actual demand of customers. The boiler type, auxiliary equipment configuration, boiler manufacturer, including service content, etc., are all factors affecting the price of boiler. Coal-fired boiler includes the main boiler and auxiliary equipment; auxiliary equipment is mainly feeding machine, slag machine, blower, induced draft fan, cylinder, chimney, water treatment equipment, control cabinet, valve instrumentation, etc.

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