5tons biomass-fired boiler in Kenya

What is the operating cost of 5tons biomass-fired boiler per day? Fuel consumption per hour = boiler heat/coal calorific value/boiler thermal efficiency. The heat of a 5-ton biomass boiler is 3 million kcal, but the calorific value of the fuel and the thermal efficiency of the boiler itself are varied, so the final results calculated are also different, which can only be used as a reference.

5tons biomass-fired boiler
5tons biomass-fired boiler

DZL series is a single barrel longitudinal chain grate biomass boiler, biomass particles (press) through the feeder conveying (lifting) to the furnace before the silo into the spiral feeding mechanism push down to the grate, the chain grate rotation into the furnace combustion. The boiler is a horizontal three-return water-fire tube structure, the left and right sides of the furnace are equipped with water-wall pipes, high temperature flue gas from the back of the combustion chamber into the convection flue, and then into the front smoke pipe, and then back from the front smoke box through the tube of the smoke into the economizer, dust collector, and then pumped into the atmosphere through the chimney by the induced draft fan. The series of chain grate boilers have the following characteristics: stable combustion, the biggest characteristic of automatic fire drawing, high thermal efficiency, fast steam production, good smoke and dust removal effect, low noise; Compact structure, small volume, convenient installation and maintenance; The auxiliary machine is complete, mechanization and automatic control program is high, easy to operate, safe and reliable, low labor intensity; Chain grate adopts large plate structure, good ventilation effect, reliable operation, durable.

dzl biomass-fired chain grate boiler
dzl biomass-fired chain grate boiler

Due to the production needs, Huagang Biological Feed Company purchased a 5tons biomass boiler to provide stable thermal energy for feed drying. DZL series biomass boiler is based on the characteristics of various biomass fuel, combustion rate, through numerical simulation, reasonable layout of furnace arch, furnace wall, furnace heating surface cooperation research and development design. A large amount of crop waste is produced in the production of biological feed in Huagang, and the engineers of ZOZEN suggested that these waste residues be used as fuel for biomass boilers. Compared with traditional boilers, DZL series biomass boilers have larger furnace space, and very reasonable secondary air is arranged at the same time to fully burn and effectively reduce NOx emissions. Then it is equipped with a speed regulating box, which can reasonably control the speed according to the biomass combustion rate, to ensure that the fuel burns out and achieve zero carbon dioxide emission.

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