How to Reduce Coal Consumption in Coal-fired Boiler

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Boiler is an energy conversion equipment, is through the combustion of fuel to produce heat energy after energy conversion, heat transfer to the boiler heat transfer medium, make its temperature rise, and finally produce steam or hot water working process. Coal-fired boiler has a wide range of applications for factory production and living needs, so boilers’ operating cost is very important for users.

coal-fired steam boiler
coal-fired steam boiler

Many customers are concerned about the price of the boiler, the cost of coal-fired boiler and how to calculate the fuel consumption of the boiler when they buy the boiler. In order to calculate a boiler’s fuel consumption, the specification and the boiler’s steam output are first determined, and then the actual boiler’s enthalpy increment is calculated from the steam pressure and steam output. Secondly, the required heat is calculated based on the boiler’s efficiency (heat of fuel) and calorific value of fuel (heat produced per kilogram of fuel), thus the required fuel can be calculated.


Generally, the heat required by a 1-ton coal-fired steam boiler is 600000 CAL/hour, and the calorific value of second-class bituminous coal is about 5500kcal/kg, and the thermal efficiency of coal-fired boilers is generally about 75%, so the coal consumption per hour of a 1 ton coal-fired steam boiler is: 600000kcal/h÷5500kcal/kg÷75%=145.5kg/h. Then the coal consumption of 35 tons coal-fired steam boiler per hour is 145.5*35=5092.5kg/h.

SZL coal-fired boiler
SZL coal-fired boiler
  1. Adequate air supply. Air is a necessary condition for fuel combustion in coal-fired boilers, but the amount of air also has to have a degree, because if the air is too much, it will not only reduce the furnace temperature of the boiler, affect the stability of combustion, but also increase the smoke loss; If the amount of air is too small, the coal will not burn through, increasing the loss of combustion, so it is important to ensure the right amount of air.
  2. Water the coal appropriately. According to relevant experiments, the combustion efficiency of coal can be improved by adding appropriate water to the coal. Relevant data show that when water is added to the coal by 8%-10%, the coal-fired boiler has the highest economic benefit, and the coal-saving effect is more significant.
  3. Ensure the full combustion of coal. The staffs of coal fired boilers must watch the fire frequently, check the fire frequently, adjust the thickness of coal seam according to the burning condition, control the opening degree of each section damper well, adjust the air supply to the required amount, and ensure the full combustion of coal.


In a word, the main way to reduce the fuel consumption of coal-fired boilers is to improve the efficiency of industrial boilers. The thermal efficiency determines the working time of boilers, which will reduce fuel consumption and operating costs. ZOZEN designs and produces coal fired boilers with a thermal efficiency of over 88%, including DZL and SZL two series steam boilers and hot water boilers, SHX cfb boilers and other models. ZOZEN coal-burning boiler fuel applicability is wide, can be applied to bituminous coal, anthracite, lean coal, lignite and other coal; At the same time, special grate plate is selected to ensure the smooth operation of grate; Combustion air system (base) adopts independent compartment and scientific sealing structure; Reasonable air conditioning device to achieve accurate air distribution, improve combustion efficiency.


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