6 Ton Diesel Boiler Fuel Consumption

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As people’s awareness of environmental protection becomes more and more clear, oil-fired industrial boilers, as a new type of clean energy, are favored by many users. The commonly used fuels of oil-fired boilers are liquefied petroleum gas, diesel oil, heavy oil, light oil, crude oil, etc. Generally, light diesel boilers are the commonly used fuel types. Oil-fired boilers have the advantages of good safety and easy to use. Although their cost is higher than ordinary boilers, they are still popular with the public. 6 ton diesel boiler fuel consumption is the most concerned problem of users.

20 ton diesel steam boiler
20 ton diesel steam boiler

How much oil an oil-fired boiler burns per day refers to the oil consumption, which has a fixed calculation formula: Diesel boiler oil consumption per hour =3600× thermal power ÷ calorific value ÷ boiler efficiency. Under normal circumstances, the thermal efficiency of a 1-ton oil-fired boiler is 0.7MW, its combustion calorific value is 42.42MJ /kg, and the efficiency of oil-fired boiler is about 92%. Then, the daily oil consumption of 1 ton oil-fired boiler =3600×0.7MW÷ 42.42MJ /92%=65kg.


6 ton oil-fired and gas-fired boiler is characterized by compact structure, safe and reliable operation, simple operation, quick installation, less pollution, low noise and high efficiency. It is widely used for industrial steam, life and heating in enterprises, hotels, hospitals, office buildings, civil buildings and other facilities. The boiler heating surface layout is reasonable, ensuring a good water circulation and heat exchange, so that the heat conduction effect to reach the best state, improve the boiler heat energy utilization efficiency; The gas steam boiler adopts high and new technology, which can effectively prevent the back wall from being washed and damaged by high temperature flue gas, and it is safe and reliable to use. High safety and long service life.

6 ton diesel boiler
6 ton diesel boiler

Advantages of Diesel Boiler

  1. The boiler body adopts the structure of wet-back three-way, all-corrugated furnace bile and threaded smoke pipe, which has good thermal retract ability; The tube sheet and the barrel are connected by the plate edge structure, and the main welding seam of the body is butt structure, all of which adopt automatic submerged arc welding.
  2. High degree of automation, reliable operation of the equipment, the control system through the touch screen operation, so that the boiler automation control degree and reliable operation degree greatly improved, more simple and intuitive operation.
  3. Long life, full output, and high efficiency — scientific product design, strong processing technology, rigorous quality control, and continuous operation life is up to more than 10 years.
  4. The boiler combustion chamber design is reasonable, suitable for light diesel oil, heavy oil, light oil, crude oil and other fuels, fuel in the furnace micro positive pressure combustion, complete combustion, less smoke pollutants, boiler flue gas blackness, soot blackness, concentration, noise and other technical indicators are better than the relevant standards.


Wuxi ZOZEN’s 6-ton diesel boilers are mainly of SZS and WNS. The thermal efficiency of these two types of oil-fired and gas-fired boilers can reach over 98%. Steam boilers are mainly composed of saturated steam and superheated steam, in the form of high temperature and high pressure, secondary high temperature and high pressure, low temperature and low pressure to meet the needs of most customers. If you have a need for industrial boilers, you can contact our boiler sales staff for a complete boiler proposal and quotation.


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