35 Ton Coal-fired Boiler in Indonesia

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35 ton coal-fired boiler is widely used in the production of steam, heat supply, cogeneration of heat and power station boiler because of its many advantages, such as wide fuel adaptability, high combustion efficiency, large load regulation, high efficiency desulfurization and low NOx emission, simple fuel pretreatment system and easy to realize comprehensive utilization of ash residue. ZOZEN Boiler is available as CFB steam boiler, circulating vulcanized bed hot water Boiler, circulating vulcanized bed power Boiler, biomass circulating fluidized bed Boiler, etc. Moreover, the specific parameters of the products produced will vary according to the type of products required by customers.

zz coal-fired boilers
zz coal-fired boilers

Daily Fuel Consumption of 35-ton Coal Boiler

The calculation formula of coal consumption of 35-ton fluidized bed boiler can be referred to as: coal consumption of boiler = boiler power ×3600/ coal combustion heat/boiler efficiency. It should be noted that the design parameters of each boiler are different. If the circulating fluidized bed boiler produced by ZOZEN consumes about 0.7t per hour, the designed fuel is ordinary bituminous coal, and the calorification is between 18,000-20000kj /kg. The sulfur content is less than 0.8 and the flue gas desulfurization at the end is required. If it is relatively high, the customer can consider desulphurization in the furnace.


35 Ton Coal-fired Boiler Project

ZZ series coal fired boiler produced by ZOZEN boiler has the advantages of wide fuel adaptability and high combustion efficiency. According to the actual demand for steam in Rashid Paper Mills Ltd. Production line, technicians of ZOZEN boiler designed the boiler system scientifically and rationally, which matched with the operating process conditions of the user’s production line. ZZ series coal fired boiler adopts wide coal arch design to improve furnace temperature; At the same time, the air supply in the isobaric bin and the air distribution in the microzone are adjusted to reduce the carbon content of slag and improve the overall combustion efficiency.

szl coal-fired steam boiler
szl coal-fired steam boiler

In addition, this series of boilers leave the factory in bulk and are assembled and built on site, which puts forward higher professional requirements for on-site technicians and installers. To ensure the successful completion of the project within the agreed deadline, the technical staff of ZOZEN is Rashid Paper Mills Ltd. Provide effective field guidance to ensure the boiler installation work in an orderly manner. After entering the commissioning stage of the boiler, ZOZEN technicians will also provide users with professional training in boiler operation from boiler working principle and operation rules to daily maintenance and other aspects.


35 ton SZL series coal fired steam boiler, adopt quick mounting or assembling structure. 4~6t/h is the structure of quick-loading water pipe, which leaves the factory after being fully assembled in the factory; 6~35t/h is composed of the upper and lower parts, the upper part is the body heating surface, and the lower part is the combustion equipment. 35 tons SZL series coal fired steam boiler around the front of the boiler body  for arrangement of water-cooled wall connected to the drum bottom connected to the header of the combustion chamber, to absorb the furnace radiant heat, backend layout between water drum on intensive convection tube bundle, high temperature flue gas after combustion after secondary return lateral erosion convection heating surface to separate arrangement of economizer, finally into the filter through the chimneys.


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