Industrial Steam Boilers for Sale in Europe

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Industrial steam boilers are different depending on the fuel used, including oil-fired, gas-fired, coal-burning, biomass and heat-conducting oil-fired boilers. Steam boiler is widely used in printing and dyeing, textile, chemical, disinfection, food, paper, feed and other industries. Boiler heat released by burning fuel to heat transfer by radiation is absorbed by the water wall, the wall of water boiling vaporization, produced a large number of steam into the steam drum for separation, saturated steam into the superheater, isolated by radiation and convection way continue to absorb the chamber at the top and horizontal flue, the tail of the flue gas heat, and to achieve the required working temperature in superheated steam.

wns gas fired steam boiler
wns gas fired steam boiler

Structural Features of Steam Boiler

  1. Steam boiler body welding: the main welding seam adopts the advanced submerged arc automatic welding technology to ensure the welding quality.
  2. The steam boiler body adopts horizontal internal combustion all-wet back three-return structure.
  3. The steam boiler before and after the smoke box seal are made of high temperature resistant asbestos graphite material, sealing reliable, to ensure that the steam boiler under the micro-positive pressure operating gas will not leak.
  4. In the second return convection heating surface of the steam boiler, we use threaded pipe, which is conducive to efficient heat transfer. Fluid flow in the tube, and in low flow velocity near the wall, the wall in a fluid is called boundary layer, when the gas to the outside of the tube water transfer of several series thermal resistance, the boundary layer thermal resistance is the largest, but the boundary layer is very thin, as long as a little disturbance on the boundary layer, such as in ordinary pipe wall to press out a convex sets, disturbance of boundary layer and thermal resistance could be greatly reduced, threaded pipe is one of effective methods.
  5. Built-in explosion-proof door is set at the back of the steering chamber of the steam boiler, so that when the steam boiler is ignited and running, if there is gas explosion in the furnace, pressure can be released timely to prevent the explosion in the furnace, which is safe and reliable.
6 ton wns steam boiler details
6 ton wns steam boiler details

ZOZEN boiler’s energy-saving and environmental protection industrial steam boilers mainly include natural gas boiler, biomass boiler, and heat conduction oil boiler. The boiler adopts efficient heat preservation materials. The boiler’s surface temperature is low, and the heat dissipation loss can be ignored. Strictly in accordance with China’s national norms and standards of production, all pressure parts are made of high quality boiler steel. Every boiler goes through strict inspection and testing before it goes out of the factory, including hydrostatic test and X-ray inspection. Manhole, inspection door, fire hole, etc., maintenance is very convenient.


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