Cost of 10 Ton Gas Steam Boiler

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10 ton gas steam boiler is widely used in both industrial production and central heating. Before purchasing an industrial boiler, in addition to considering the brand, quality and price of the boiler, thermal efficiency and operating cost are also one of the most important aspects of purchasing a boiler. As large industrial equipment, high thermal efficiency can effectively reduce the operating cost of the boiler.

Generally speaking, the operating cost of a 10-ton gas-fired boiler includes the cost of fuel, electricity, water, labor and routine maintenance. Of all costs, fuel cost is the most important boiler cost, and fuel consumption has a direct impact on fuel cost. So, let’s see what is the fuel consumption of a gas steam boiler?

10ton gas steam boiler
10ton gas steam boiler

Oil Consumption of 10 Ton Gas-fired Steam Boiler
Gas consumption of gas-fired boiler per hour = power of gas-fired boiler * time/fuel calorific value/thermal efficiency.
The thermal efficiency of the 10-ton gas-fired steam boiler is 7MW, and its combustion heat value is 42.42mJ /kg. The thermal efficiency of the ZOZEN gas-fired boiler can reach 98%. The gas consumption of the 10t/h gas-fired steam boiler =7MW*3600S/37MJ/M3/92%=740m3/h.


Features of 10 Ton Gas Boilers

  1. Large evaporation capacity: 10 ton gas steam boiler refers to the rated evaporation capacity of 10 tons of steam boiler, that is, every hour can produce 10 tons of steam, widely used in various industries.
  2. High thermal efficiency: the boiler adopts three return wet back structure design, with a large heating area, its thermal efficiency of more than 98%, the height of thermal efficiency determines the boiler work time and operating cost.
  3. High degree of safety: the gas steam boiler has a high safety factor. It has multiple protection devices, such as overpressure, high temperature, water shortage, flameout and other multiple protection functions, and can automatically restart and reset in case of emergency.
  4. Intelligent operation: The boiler has an intelligent operating system, and the computer control cabinet of its auxiliary equipment can comprehensively control the boiler with higher intelligence.
gas fired boiler for feed industry
gas fired boiler for feed industry

10 Tons Gas Steam Boiler Application

Textile factory, clothing factory, clothing factory, printing and dyeing factory, packaging factory, building materials factory, coating factory, food processing factory, of course, can also be used in the chemical industry and sterilization, as long as the need for steam manufacturers will be basically used. ZOZEN’s WNS series and SZS series gas-fired boilers are widely used in the market and have a good reputation.
Different types of industrial boiler equipment have different thermal efficiency and different consumption of natural gas. So 10 tons of WNS gas steam boiler gas consumption for your reference, according to the formula can roughly calculate the gas consumption, we also provide 20 tons, 35 tons, 40 tons, 50 tons and other different evaporation capacity equipment, more detailed content can contact our online customer service.


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