Water Tube Steam Boiler Manufacturers

Steam boiler manufacturers offer two main types of gas-fired boilers, namely fire-tube boilers (also known as boiler shell boilers) and water-tube boilers, which can be selected for specific applications. What is a water tube boiler? The operation mode of a water-tube boiler is opposite to that of a fire-tube boiler. Water circulates in the boiler tube and the tube is surrounded by high-temperature flue gas, which heats the water in the pipe to produce steam or hot water. The SZS series gas fired boilers and DHS series Angle tube boilers produced by ZOZEN are commonly available.

30ton szs water tube boiler
30ton szs water tube boiler

Water Tube Boiler Features

  1. Membrane water wall production line

SZS series gas-fired boiler “D” combustion chamber adopts full-film water-cooling wall structure. ZOZEN boiler has a complete automatic film-type water-cooling wall production line, which produces water-cooling wall weld forming with high precision and can achieve specialized and large-scale production.

  1. High sealing requirements, large welding quantity and high quality

The boiler body is composed of upper and lower boilers, water cooling wall and convection tube bundles, with large welding quantity and high welding quality requirements. SZS series gas boilers adopt micro-positive pressure combustion. If the boiler is not well sealed, it will lead to unburned gas leakage, which will not only affect the safe operation of the boiler, but also increase the heat loss. The quality system of ZOZEN boiler is perfect. The stop point of quality inspection is set up after each welding procedure. Any unqualified one cannot be carried on to the next procedure. In addition, hydrostatic test and leak-proof wind pressure test can check the strength and tightness of each pressure component of the boiler to ensure no leakage.

  1. Tooling and lifting equipment

SZS series gas boiler body is large in weight, which has higher requirements on tooling and lifting equipment. Gas-fired boiler can reach more than 70 tons; need to be equipped with a large tonnage of workshop traffic, so the strength of enterprise equipment is very important.

29ton szs steam boiler manufacturers
29ton szs steam boiler manufacturers

In short, water tube boilers are small in volume and low in pressure, while water tube boilers are large in volume and high in pressure. Each boiler has its own characteristics, and users need to select the appropriate boiler type according to the actual requirements of the production line, such as steam demand, boiler room area, and boiler operation cost and maintenance ease.


As a water tube steam boiler manufacturers, the industrial boiler made by ZOZEN has unique advantages in energy saving, environmental protection and guaranteeing the safety of heating system. It can adapt to various fuels such as gas and solid, adopt advanced combustion mode to ensure the fuel is fully burned; the boiler system has full output and high thermal efficiency. The automatic control and monitoring system makes the operation more simple and reasonable, which not only reduces the operation and maintenance cost of the boiler, but also makes the service life longer and ensures the safety and reliability of the boiler operation.


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