7MW Biomass-fired Hot Water Boiler in Malaysia

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Biomass boiler is a popular boiler in industrial boiler market in recent years. It is an energy-saving and environmental protection boiler fueled by biomass particles (straw, sawdust, rice husk, corn stalk, bark, etc.). It is one of the mainstream products after coal-fired boilers. Biomass boiler according to the use of products can be divided into biomass thermal oil boiler, biomass hot water boiler and biomass steam boiler.

7mw biomass hot water boiler
7mw biomass hot water boiler

Biomass boiler is through the biomass pellet combustion energy conversion, the heat transfer to the boiler body in the water, so that the water temperature to reach the set temperature, produce hot water working process. 7MW biomass hot water boiler is equivalent to a boiler with a capacity of 10 tons of evaporation, that is, it can produce 10 tons of hot water per hour. ZOZEN’s 7MW boiler is an assembly boiler, divided into two parts: the upper part is the body heating surface, and the lower part is the combustion equipment.


7MW Hot Water Boiler Features

  1. Biomass hot water boiler can adapt to biomass particles, wood, rice husk, palm shell and other fuels, easy to burn greatly shorten the start time of fire and full combustion.
  2. Applicable to hot water steam, public heating, central heating and other fields.
  3. Good boiler stability, reduce the manual labor, improve the work and boiler operation efficiency.
  4. The use of new heat preservation materials, reduce the boiler heat loss, improve boiler work efficiency.
  5. Biomass boiler ignition heating fast, smoke and dust removal effect is good, low noise.
  6. The boiler adopts the new structure design, compact and small in size, easy to install and maintain.
  7. The boiler is made of high quality steel, with low failure rate, long service life and good economy.
SZL chain grate boiler
SZL chain grate boiler

7 MW Biomass Boiler Fuel Consumption

As a large central heating boiler, how much energy does its biomass consume? What factors are involved in energy consumption?
Biomass boiler fuel consumption per hour = biomass boiler thermal power *3600s/ fuel calorific value/thermal efficiency
As can be seen from the above formula, the amount of biomass fuel consumption is related to thermal power, calorific value of biomass fuel and thermal efficiency of boiler. Biomass boiler thermal efficiency is different calculated biomass fuel consumption is not same. Generally, 7 mw biomass hot water boilers consume 1500kg~2000kg of energy.


At present, the thermal efficiency of 7MW biomass hot water boilers produced by ZOZEN boiler plant reaches over 88%. Our boiler products are sold in more than 100 countries and regions all over the world, Russia, Mexico, Nigeria, Africa, Vietnam, Thailand, Pakistan, Malaysia and other regions have successful cases, welcome to contact us for more information.


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