Point of Choosing Industrial Steam Boiler

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The steam boiler belongs to a kind of boiler product, is according to the boiler use purpose carries on the division. The structure of steam boiler is divided into boiler shell boiler and water tube boiler. Steam boiler is an industrial boiler product, which is mainly used for the production needs of factory enterprises and occupies an important market position, such as metallurgical plants, chemical plants, paper mills, clothing factories, food factories and other industries.

20ton wns steam boiler
20ton wns steam boiler

Notice of Choose Steam Boiler

  1. According to the size of the steam boiler can be divided into horizontal steam boiler and vertical steam. Horizontal steam boiler refers to large steam boiler products, and vertical steam boiler refers to small steam boiler products, so the user in the choice according to the size of rated evaporation capacity to choose vertical steam boiler or horizontal steam boiler.
  2. Different production of steam boiler manufacturers produced by the boiler product parameters are different, such as boiler size, thermal efficiency, fuel consumption, power consumption, boiler weight, steam temperature and other parameters, so we want to according to the need to choose suitable for their own industrial steam boiler.
  3. For steam boilers, they can be divided into gas-fired steam boilers, oil-fired steam boilers, coal-burning steam boilers, biomass steam boilers and circulating fluidized bed steam boilers and so on according to the fuel type. Steam boilers of different fuel types have different operating costs.
  4. The price of steam boiler products produced by different boiler manufacturers is different, which is related to the artificial boiler, material, transportation and many other factors, so the boiler purchase should be a comprehensive consideration of product quality, brand, service, and so on, cannot just consider the low price.
  5. The steam boiler belongs to one of the special equipment, belongs to the pressure vessel, so its safety quality is particularly important, we choose industrial steam boiler to choose large enterprises, so that the product quality can be guaranteed, the safety factor is further improved.
  6. Because the steam boiler needs regular maintenance and maintenance, so for the boiler after-sales service is very important, we want to choose a good reputation of boiler manufacturers, after-sales service safety is guaranteed.
1 ton light diesel boiler
1 ton light diesel boiler

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