6 t/hr Coal Fire Steam Boiler for Sale

February 6, 2023

The SZL series coal fired steam boiler produced by ZOZEN are of assembled structure, consisting of two major parts, the upper part is the heating surface and the lower part is the combustion equipment. The water-cooled wall is arranged around the front end of the boiler body, the upper part is connected with the pot, the lower part is connected with the collector box to form a combustion chamber to absorb the radiated heat of the furnace, and the dense convection tube bundle is arranged between the upper and lower pot at the rear end. The high temperature flue gas after combustion is led to the separately arranged coal economizer after the second return stroke of the convection heating surface, and finally enters the dust collector and is discharged through the chimney, which reduces the flue gas emission for the enterprise and meets the local environmental protection requirements.

6 ton 1.25mpa coal fired steam boiler
6 ton 1.25mpa coal fired steam boiler

Coal fired chain grate boiler equipment has low investment, easy operation and wide range of load adjustment. Chain stove is a very mature furnace type, with simple operation and management, easy to grasp the characteristics, is widely used in various industries. The structure of chain grate boiler is generally divided into upper pot and lower grate, solid fuel enters the grate through the hopper, and while moving with the grate, the fuel is burned in layers, and the whole combustion process is completed on the grate.

ZOZEN’s 6 t/hr coal steam boiler for sale to many countries, including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Mongolia, the Philippines and many other countries. In the feed industry, production processes such as pelleting, tempering, drying and disinfection require industrial steam boilers to provide high quality steam, so many feed mills generally use steam boilers.

The feed mill customer chose ZOZEN as a 6 ton coal boiler supplier and purchased a SZL series 6 t/hr coal fire steam boiler, model SZL6-1.25-A II, with a rated evaporation capacity of 6 tons per hour, steam temperature of 194°C and feedwater temperature of 20°C. Throughout the project, ZOZEN’s engineers and sales managers put the customer’s needs first and customized a coal-fired boiler system solution for the feed mill, so that ZOZEN’s boiler products can be used to maximum advantage in the feed mill production line.

industrial coal fired boiler for sale
industrial coal fired boiler for sale

ZOZEN boilers have more than thirty years of boiler research and development and manufacturing experience, with mature chain boiler manufacturing technology. SZL series double-barrel longitudinal chain grate boilers have been favored and praised by users in various industries for their high quality products and environmental performance, and have provided coal-fired steam boilers for many well-known enterprises in the industry. For further information on industrial coal fired steam boiler products and projects, please contact us.


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