ZOZEN Industrial Biomass Fired Boiler

February 17, 2023

The advantages of renewable and low-pollution biomass fuel are gaining more and more applications, and ZOZEN boiler’s innovative and upgraded industrial biomass fired boiler with exquisite craftsmanship and excellent performance have received the attention of various industries. The SZL series biomass boilers produced by ZOZEN are widely used and have been put into use in projects in many industries such as food, building materials, tires, textiles, paper making, etc. So far, the overall operation of the boilers has been stable and effective in guaranteeing the heat demand of production lines in various industries.

ZOZEN SZL series biomass fired boiler
ZOZEN SZL series biomass fired boiler

The biomass fuel boilers produced by ZOZEN are equipped with different exhaust gas treatment systems for the boilers according to the composition of the flue gas produced by the combustion of different fuels, which can ensure the emission standards and belong to the green low-carbon technology equipment. The SZL series biomass boilers above 6 tons capacity are of assembled structure, consisting of two major parts: combustion chamber and grate base. The fuel is burned on the grate to release heat energy, and the water in the water-cooled wall and convection tube bundle absorbs the heat energy to produce steam at the required pressure and temperature.

In terms of system control, the ZOZEN biomass boiler system is highly mechanized and operates safely and reliably. The biomass fuel is conveyed to the hopper by the conveyor belt at a uniform speed, and then fed evenly by the paddle feeder to prevent tempering. Meanwhile, the governor box designs a reasonable speed according to the combustion rate and controls the rotation speed of the grate to ensure full combustion of fuel.

chain grate of biomass boiler
chain grate of biomass boiler

Safety is not to be ignored in industrial production. ZOZEN biomass boiler manufacturer has added very low water level electrode protection in addition to the internationally mandated water level safety settings and interlocked with the blower and induced draft fan to ensure water level safety during boiler operation. ZOZEN has mature technology and experienced projects in industrial biomass boiler production, and can customize biomass boiler system solutions according to the actual needs of users, welcome to contact through online consultation, our engineers will provide you with one-on-one consulting services.


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