6MW Biomass Hot Water Boilers Bengal

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Biomass hot water boilers is the production of hot water biomass boiler, is the use of biomass pellet fuel combustion released by the heat water to the rated temperature of a kind of heat equipment. Biomass pellet fuel is made of agricultural and forestry wastes such as straw, straw, rice husk, peanut shell, corn cob, oil tea shell and cottonseed shell, as well as “three leftovers” after processing. It is a renewable energy of energy conservation and environmental protection. Biomass-fired hot water boiler is essential thermal energy equipment for residents’ life and production. It is widely used in heating, bathing, breeding and other industries. Because of its clean and environmental protection, biomass fuel has become the first choice of energy-using enterprises.


DZL is a new generation boiler developed by ZOZEN Boiler co., Ltd. and Beijing Light Boiler Research Institute, with high technical content and 10 new technologies more than the existing industrial boilers, thus forming enhanced combustion, enhanced heat transfer, water cycle safety and reliability, full output, high efficiency, and output and efficiency for life unchanged.

Biomass-fired horizontal boiler, is horizontal three-return water fire tube hybrid boiler, in the pot is arranged in a bunch of threaded smoke pipe. The left and right sides of the furnace chamber are equipped with water cooling walls of light pipes. It adopts light block grate, equipped with blower and induced draft fan for mechanical ventilation. After the fuel falls on the grate and is fully burned in the furnace chamber, the flame enters the back of the body through the flue gas passage of the intermediate furnace wall, turns from the two sides of the burnout chamber to the front smoke box, and then rewinds from the front smoke box to the tube in the pot, enters the dust collector through the rear smoke box, and then is pumped by the induced draft fan to the air through the flue to the chimney.

Biomass boiler tonnage is not unable to get the complete quotation, to determine the biomass type hot water boiler, boiler is common biomass models have DZL hot water boilers, hot water boiler SZL biomass-fired boiler, biomass power plant boiler, etc., the biomass model different hot water boiler, structure composition, auxiliary machinery and design parameters are different, and there are a lot of part of the auxiliary engine including, such as burner equipment instrument, control cabinet, induced draft fan, blower, valves, etc., so the price is different.

biomass fired boilers
biomass fired boilers

Biomass-fired boiler energy-saving environmental protection, fully meet the requirements of environmental protection, is the country to encourage the use of environmental protection furnace. ZOZEN boiler produces SZL biomass-fired boiler, DZL biomass-fired boilers, DHL biomass chain grate boiler, as well as more than 400 types of oil-fired and gas-fired boiler, coal-fired boiler and thermal oil boiler, which are widely used in chemical industry, food, wine making, heating, paper making, printing and dyeing, rubber and other industries.


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