10 Ton Coal Fired Boiler for Indonesia

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Coal-fired boiler is a thermal device that uses coal as fuel to release heat by burning it in the furnace and to heat the heat transfer medium (usually water) to a certain temperature. The amount of steam produced by the long-term continuous operation of the coal-fired steam boiler per hour is called the evaporation capacity, which is also called the boiler output or capacity, so the 10 ton coal-fired boiler is the steam produced by the boiler per hour. Coal-fired boilers are widely used in factories, hotels, hospitals, office buildings, schools, bath centers, hotels, sheds, baths and other enterprises and public institutions, to meet the use of units bathing, domestic hot water and heating requirements.

20 ton coal fired boiler
20 ton coal fired boiler

Users will pay attention to the boiler price and fuel consumption when purchasing coal-fired boilers. The amount of coal consumption is a key factor to measure the efficiency of boiler equipment. Coal-fired boilers with low coal consumption can effectively save the operating cost of boilers. However, the factors affecting the coal consumption of boilers are not single. The efficiency of the boiler, the calorific value of fuel coal, and the full degree of fuel combustion of the boiler will all affect the coal consumption of coal-fired boilers.

The coal fired boilers ZOZEN produces are mainly chain grate furnace, the specific product models are DZL chain grate furnace, SHL chain grate furnace, SZL chain grate furnace, DHX type circulating fluidized bed boiler and DHL Angle tube chain grate boiler. The coal fired boilers mainly include bituminous coal, anthracite coal and lignite coal. There are mainly DZL and SZL models for producing 10 tons of coal-fired boilers.

DZL series quick installation chain grate boiler has the characteristics of fast installation, material saving, man-hour saving, compact structure and small floor space etc. The boiler also has the advantages of high reliability, high safety, strong overload capacity and high thermal efficiency, which is the best design product of the same kind of domestic products.

SZL series assembly boiler is a new type of water-tube assembly boiler. It skillfully applies the water-cooling arch technology and membrane water-cooling wall technology of the combustion system of large chain grate boiler to the assembly boiler, which is the first of its kind in China, and its technical indexes are in the leading level in China. This series of 10 ton chain grate boilers have high efficiency, strong overload capacity and wide adaptability to coal, and have advanced level in the world.

coal fired steam boilers
coal fired steam boilers

If you are looking for a 10 ton coal fired boiler, please contact us for more information. ZOZEN boiler Co., Ltd. has passed the Class A boiler manufacturing license and class A pressure vessel design and manufacturing license, ISO9001 quality system certification and ASME S (Boiler) & ASME U (Pressure Vessel) certification.


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