Gas-fired Thermal Oil Boiler in UAE

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Gas-fired thermal oil boiler is usually a kind of boiler with natural gas as heating fuel and thermal oil as heat transfer medium. Compared with the traditional boiler, it has the advantage of energy saving and high efficiency, so it is well received by customers. Depending on the fuel also includes coal-fired thermal oil boilers, biomass-fired thermal oil heater. Gas thermal oil heater is a new type of special boiler. It has the characteristics of low pressure and high temperature. Its heating temperature can reach 320℃ in liquid phase.

17500kw gas-fired thermal oil boiler
17500kw gas-fired thermal oil boiler

Gas-fired thermal oil heaters use gas as fuel and heat conducting oil as medium. It uses the hot oil circulating pump to force the medium to carry out liquid circulation, and transports the heat energy to the heating equipment and then returns to the heating furnace for reheating. It has a high working temperature under low pressure and can carry out high precision control of the medium operation. The system has high heat utilization rate, and is ideal heating equipment with safety, high efficiency and energy saving, due to the overall installation of modules, easy operation and maintenance. The high temperature flame generated by the fuel gas after ignition of the burner enters into the inner coil to form the radiation heating surface, which rotates forward 180° through the rear of the inner coil and enters into the sandwich area of the inner and outer tube to form the convection heating surface. Then the upper part of the intercalation enters the second intercalation zone of the middle and outer coil, and the second intercalation zone is discharged into the atmosphere from the rear to the chimney.

YQW series gas-fired thermal oil boiler produced by ZOZEN Boiler design adopts multi-loop coil design, which is safe and has sufficient heating surface. The boiler is equipped with flue gas waste heat recovery system to ensure the thermal efficiency of the boiler system is as high as 95%. The automatic boiler control system ensures the safe and stable operation of the heat-conducting oil boiler system to achieve continuous and stable low-pressure high-temperature heating. In addition, the low-nitrogen combustion device is equipped for the gas-fired heat-conducting oil boiler to ensure that the emission of nitrogen oxide generated after combustion is lower than 30mg/Nm3, which is also outstanding in the field of environmental protection.

2400KW thermal oil boiler
2400KW thermal oil boiler

In industrial applications, heat conduction oil boiler using range is very large, so there is a lot of heat conduction oil boiler manufacturers, professional heat conduction oil boiler manufacturers usually give better imported burner of boiler configuration, such as ZOZEN YQL gas heat conduction oil boiler mainly adopts the automatic combustion ratio adjustment, so form a better energy saving problem, automatic feed water adjust, start-stop, fully automatic operation and other advanced technology, and has high and low water level alarm and low water level, high steam pressure problem, stall, and automatic protection functions. Of course, this model of thermal oil boiler price will be relatively expensive.

ZOZEN as a thermal oil boiler manufacturer, boiler price is very to meet the needs of users. Manufacturers have a variety of types of thermal oil boiler, to meet a variety of user needs. The same type of performance boiler price in the market are very preferential, cost-effective, and ZOZEN thermal oil boiler is the manufacturer’s direct sale, there will be no middlemen to earn the difference, reduce the intermediate fees, more cost-effective.


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