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As we all know, with the strict requirements of environmental standards, coal fired boilers have been gradually replaced by clean energy boilers such as oil and gas. However, for many remote areas, coal-fired boiler still has a lot of room for application. Steam plays an important role in the production of enterprises; the choice of steam boiler is really embarrassed users. If an enterprise adopts a coal-fired boiler, although the price of coal burning is relatively low, its flue gas must go through strict desulfurization and dust removal to meet the environmental protection emission standard, which needs to generate a large amount of desulfurization and dust removal costs.

coal fired boilers for sale
coal fired boilers for sale

SZL type coal-burning steam boiler is composed of vertical upper and lower boiler tubes and convective tube bundles. The left and right sides of the combustion chamber are equipped with light pipe and water wall pipe. The combustion part of boiler adopts light chain grate to realize mechanical coal feeding, equipped with blower and induced draft fan for mechanical ventilation, and equipped with spiral slag extractor to realize automatic slag extraction. After the fuel falls on the grate from the coal sill and enters the furnace for combustion, the flame goes up through the rear arch refraction and turns to the convection tube bundle through the bulk combustion chamber, and enters the economizer and dust collector through the flue gas outlet, and then is pumped by the induced draft fan to the atmosphere through the flue duct and the chimney.

First of all, different types of coal have different combustion efficiency and different coal consumption, so it cannot be calculated according to the standard coal; there will be a big error. The calorific value of inferior coal is between 18000KJ/kg- 23000KJ/kg. The coal consumption of a 3 ton coal-fired steam boiler can be calculated by the formula: boiler coal consumption = boiler power *3600/ coal combustion heat/boiler efficiency. Calculated based on the heat value of burning inferior coal and boiler efficiency of 85%, then the coal consumption of 3-ton coal-fired steam boiler is 1.25*3600/4000/0.85=1.323 tons.

ZOZEN’s coal fired boilers come in three types: packaged, assembled and bulk. Our boiler material is widely applicable to bituminous coal, anthracite, lean coal, lignite and other kinds of coal.

  1. SHX bulk chain grate boiler, it is the fourth generation chain grate boiler developed by the latest development technology, the boiler has sufficient output, high thermal efficiency, its own cyclone dust removal function, can make the boiler smoke black degree and original dust concentration are in line with environmental protection requirements.
  2. SZL assembled chain grate boiler, the front and rear axle length of the furnace is longer than that of domestic similar products, which can not only extend the combustion time of fuel in the furnace, but also reduce the carbon content of slag.
  3. DHL Angle tube chain grate boiler adopts beam type grate. Low grate resistance, good grate cooling effect, low failure rate and small grate fuel leakage.
  4. DZL packaged chain grate boiler, using the latest scientific research results, is conducive to the combustion of inferior coal, coal adaptability, high reliability, safety and thermal efficiency.
szl chain grate boiler
szl chain grate boiler

ZOZEN boiler is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in the research and development, manufacturing, sales, installation, maintenance and transformation of industrial boiler equipment. Its main products include: coal burning, fuel oil (gas), biomass burning, steam boilers and hot water boilers, as well as organic heat carrier boilers and other series, more than 400 different types. Welcome to contact us for consultation.


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